my homemade chicken noodle soup!
my homemade chicken noodle soup!
So good - makes a McDonald's salad gourmet!  Thanks Mom!
So good – makes a McDonald’s salad gourmet! Thanks Mom!
each one is only 8 ml!
each one is only 8 ml!

. . . I have ever had!  And you can’t have any because my Mom brought it back from her Italy trip last fall!  I ended up using two of these on my salad – the balsamic vinegar MAKES this dressing!!  Slightly sweet, tangy and the olive oil was like buttah!

I accessorized my lunch and bought my salad from McDonald’s $1.00 menu (need to add that to my grocery budget!) without the dressing, and paired it with my soup I brought from home.

I went home for lunch to see Tony and I ended up making him a burger.  Do you like how I cut up apple to balance out the juicy burger?


 And I used my tomato knife for the first time.  Everyone needs to get one of these – its amazing!


Show of hands – which lunch would you have eaten?

Tonight’s dinner is July in January – see you then!