Okay, so by now, if I have any regular readers, you know it is homemade pizza party Friday night at my house.  Tony was looking for something to fix for lunch, and realized there was still deep dish pizza from last week, and thought it would be delicious reheated in the toaster oven. 

But after first bite. . . NO!  This means he would be having pizza for LUNCH AND DINNER! 

So when I come home, I’m making the pizza dough, I go to the living room and ask Tony “how does bacon, sausage, mushrooms and olives sound on your pizza?”  I get a mumbly “that’s fine.”  So I think, maybe I should have picked him up a steak on the way home (which I would have if anything had been at a half decent price!)

So as he is eating his pizza:

  • Tony:  “poor planning.” 
  • Biz: “what?”
  • Tony: “guess what I had for lunch today?”
  • Biz: “Taco Bell?”
  • Tony: “No, it’s something we had in the house.”
  • Biz: “Roast beef sandwich?”
  • Hannah: “Hot dogs?”
  • Tony: “No to you both!”
  • Biz & Hannah: “we give up!”
  • Tony: “it was in the downstairs fridge.”
  • Biz: “Aha – pizza!”

Hence, poor planning since he already gets pizza once a week, today he had it twice!  But still, it was so good!  Happily I came home and the accessories were already in place, thanks to Hannah, my chef!


I got two additional ingredients on the way home, 1/4 pound pepperoni and 1 cheese and herb sausage link – nice prices!


diced green pepper, bacon, pepperoni, sausage, yellow pepper and spinach
my toppings: diced green pepper, bacon, pepperoni, sausage, yellow pepper and spinach

Tony’s pizza: sausage, bacon, mushroom, green and black olive:


Hannah had: bacon, yellow pepper, pepperoni, garlic and spinach


Just so you know, when I add sausage, its usually raw, so I add it to the top so it cooks all the way through:

Before going in the oven:


My finished product:


So its the end of yet another great pizza party Friday.  Hopefully Tony learned his lesson to plan ahead!

See you at breakfast!