I like it though, makes the day go faster!  I am totally addicted to these double yolk eggs – they keep me full for so long!  Today’s egg combo – 1 slice TJ’s whole grain bread (sadly, the only one not moldy and I just bought it over the weekend!), 1 double yolk egg, 1 ounce deli ham and .75 ounce extra sharp (=extra yum!) cheddar cheese.


With a bowl full of grapefruit slices – yum!  I don’t have a grapefruit knife, so I just slice it this way – it works!


Thanks for all your nice comments about my Hannah – yes, I am a pround momma!  My brother always jokes that if he asked Hannah to change the tires on his car, she wouldn’t hesitate!  Speaking of Charlie, I am sending out my December giveaway package today to the lucky winner.  There’s still shopping days until Christmas and it is a fun book.  You can see where to buy it on his site:


I have to run errands at lunch so I’ll do a lunch/dinner combo post tonight.  One more day til the weekend – can’t believe tomorrow is Friday already!  See you tonight.