Tony and I slept in until 9:00 this morning and nothing gets me out of bed quicker than suggesting we go out for breakfast!  I quickly got dressed and ran outside to brush off the snow on the truck.  We probably got about two more inches over night?

Hannah had my camera, so no breakfast pics.  I did pretty good.  I ate two eggbeater eggs, 1/2 of my hashbrowns, one piece of bacon and one piece of toast.

BUT WE SPLIT AN ORDER OF CORNED BEEF HASH!  It is absolutely amazing at this restaurant.  Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.  It’s too much to resist!

Then we went to Big Lots.  The thrift store that Hannah and I go to has this Christmas tree and they have hand written ornaments requesting items for their women’s shelter.  So we picked up six ornaments and ended up buying bleach, dishwasher detergent, clorox wipes, Lysol spray, packing tape and garbage bags.  It ended up being about 6 bags!  We then dropped it off on our way home, so no pic of that either.

But while we were walking the aisles, I could not believe my eyes!


Yeah, that’s right – .80 cents each!  I bought all they had (four bottles!).  The artichoke parmesan is so thick, you could actually use it as a veggie dip.  Yeah!

So while Tony used the snow blower on the drive, I started making my Christmas Morning biscotti.  I plan on sending them to family this year.  I got two batches done today. 


I’ve also gotten two loads of laundry done too.  I have a hair appointment at 3:00 for my office Christmas party tonight.  It’s supposed to be in the single digits degree wise – for whatever reason every year we have this party the weather is horrible!  One year snow, one year ice! 

I’ll probably do one quick post after my hair appointment if I like it!  Hope everyone is having a good Saturday!