I made the decision to not worry about work drama.  Nothing I can do will change the situation, so I am keeping on keeping on.  Not gonna lie – stress like that makes me want to dive head first into a box of Dunkin Donuts Munckins (which, by the way, I deemed insulin worthy a LONG time ago) or order a small deep dish pizza and eat the whole thing.  I just have to slow my roll, take a deep breath, and remember that to achieve my goals eating donuts and deep dish pizza isn’t going to get me there.

So I made another egg white, baby spinach, Cabot garlic and herb cheese breakfast sammie on a Thomas high fiber English muffin and grapes on the side.  The battery was out on my DSLR, and my charger was at home – thanks for my trusty iPhone to step in!  I have an iPhone 4 and I think I can upgrade in December – can’t wait!  I want the panoramic camera!

6.25 003

So yesterday was back on the strength menu.  Again, a couple new to me exercises, nothing a youtube video review before hand couldn’t explain.  My favorite exercise of the day?  The V Bar T Bar Row.  While in this video he put a weight plate on a barbell, I am not quite sure how to secure the weight plates on the barbell yet, so I just used a barbell that had the weights already attached.  I started with 50 pounds and that was not too hard, so after a few reps, switched it to 80 pounds.  Wowza, could I feel that in my back muscles!  I kinda felt like a bad ass weight lifter – you know, cause I am. Open-mouthed smile

6.25 008

6.25 011

The strength took me about 25 minutes to complete, then I ran 1.25 miles.  Then I did a good 5 minutes of stretching – I always forget to stretch and I know how good I feel when I am done.

6.25 012

Remember this chicken from the weekend?

6.23 079

I ended up chopping off about 3 ounces of the breast meat to make a low carb tortilla panini press quesadilla.  I mixed the chopped chicken with a tablespoon of my guajillo pepper sauce, then added about 1/2 a cup of baby spinach and just under an ounce of Cabot cheese and put that in my panini press for about 5 minutes on high.   These are my favorite low carb tortillas.  I love how versatile they are, and even though these are flour tortillas, they did crisp up a bit in the panini press.  So my quesadilla had 14 grams of fiber!


6.25 015

Long time readers will remember that nearly every Friday night for the longest time, I ‘d make homemade pizza.  However, after a while, Tony got sick of having pizza all the time.  Um, turns out that he doesn’t have the same passion about pizza that I do!   But I had a taste for Mexican pizza, and if memory served me right, I think Tony did like it.  I broached the subject to him yesterday.  He asked “do you have a Boboli crust?”  Um, no, I was going to use Alton Brown’s overnight pizza dough, but knowing how much Tony loves his Boboli crust and the only way I could sell the Mexican pizza, was to have him pick one up.

If you are afraid of making your own pizza dough, please try Alton Brown’s overnight pizza dough to start with.   You can make the dough on a Thursday night after dinner, stick it in the fridge and let the yeast do it’s magic overnight in the fridge.   When you get ready to make your pizza on Friday night, since it’s a little cold still from the fridge. just dampen your hands and rub the dough as you stretch it out, and put a little bit of water on your counter with the flour to make it easier to roll out.  Okay, I digress!  Here we go . . . Mexican Pizza.


PicMonkey Collage mexican pizza

6.25 032

Yummers!  I ate 1/2 of this pizza.  The stats for that portion?  614 calories, 15 fat, 73 carbs, 11.3 fiber! and 32 protein.  And while I am sure some of you are thinking “holy cow that’s a lot for pizza” it isn’t really because it fit in with the rest of my day.  I ended up with only 1560 calories for the day, and got in a whopping 38 grams of fiber.  And I was satisfied after eating it so I wasn’t looking for stuff to eat later on in the night.

I was in bed by 11:00 and up at 6:30 this morning.  It’s now just after 7:00 a.m. and I don’t have to leave for work for another hour and five minutes, so guess who’s getting their walking shoes on?  This girl!

Today’s lunch should be interesting – I did my take on a crab cucumber roll from this girls site – doesn’t that look good?!


Alright – time to get out on the work before the rain stops me – make it a great day!