I’ve had this on the menu a few times, but it never came together.  I made it with chicken breasts, not cut up chicken, much to Tony’s dismay.  But, I did have to use up the chicken breasts! 

But since I forgot my camera earlier today, I took this picture which I thought was kind of cool!


And guess what I came home to?

Four magazines in one day!
Four magazines in one day!

I bought this cheap wine for the vesuvio – Tony said it tasted like urine! 


Um, we both decided that this would be cooking wine!  Maybe the screw top should have tipped us off!

So for this chicken vesuvio, I decided to lightly bread the chicken breasts with flour and salt/pepper mixture.  I browned the chicken and then removed to a bowl.  Next, I browned the potatoes.  Each process took about 10 minutes each.  Once I removed the potatoes, I added the wine and deglazed the pan.  I added Italian seasonings, chicken broth and garlic and returned everything to the pool:


I finished it off by baking it on the pot for 20 minutes at 400 degrees.  My only thing I would do differently is to brown the meat without the flour.  Once it sat in the juices for the final step, it kind of got a bit gummy.  But Tony said “this is really good!”  I cooked the peas on the side as I thought they would get too mushy for the last step:


Off to relax and watch t.v. with Tony!  See you for breakfast!