So since I can’t work out, and I chickened out of walking because its CHILLY, I decided I would fulfill my TAG duties!

Sharon at tagged me over the weekend and Maggie at tagged me today!  This is what it is all about:

  • Link the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
  • Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself.
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So here goes!

  1. I love Tabasco!  Well, that and all things hot.  I think I currently have no less than 10 bottles of hot sauce in my fridge as we speak!  The best story though?  My loving Tony once bought me jalapeno microwave popcorn.  It was too hot, even for me!  Well, a certain person I worked with at the time would always help themselves to my popcorn without ever asking!  He would smell the popcorn and just get a Styrofoam cup and scoop away.  So I decided to bring the hot stuff to work. I had to pop it on a different floor so he couldn’t smell the heat, and then came back upstairs and microwaved a regular bag.  Right on cue, he gets his cup, but what he doesn’t know is I have only left out the spicy popcorn!  So off he goes and I count 1. . . 2. . . 3 and I hear “Holy Sh*t!”  He comes running out of his office and says: “why didn’t you tell me it was hot!” to which I replied “why didn’t you ask?”  He never took popcorn again after that!
  2. I have a twin sister.  Our senior year of high school she was not doing too well in math.  In fact, she needed to ace her final in order to meet graduation requirements!  I had a study hall when she had math, so I ended up taking the test for her.  When I handed the test in I said “my sister totally explained everything to me and I just got it!”  For years later my parents would say “Jennifer you can do anything if you put your mind to it – remember like that math final.”  I think we finally told them, but maybe not – so maybe my mom will find out 24 years after the fact!
  3. I am a magazine whore.  Mostly cooking/food related, but I think People magazine is a guilty pleasure of mine.  Sadly, I continue to make the same things over and over again even with all the magazines I get!
  4. My brother is Charlie of  He has a cool diet book out that is really funny.  I was able to give a couple away to fellow bloggers at our Roni lunch yesterday!
  5. I met my husband Tony online!  Yep.  I found him on!  Just kidding – it was a precursor to and we were so lucky to find each other because our paths in real life would never have crossed in a zillion years.  We’ll be married 8 years in December!   I love you Tony!
  6. I love my step-son Joe!  He was so cute when I first met him (and has turned into a handsome young man!).  He had this buzzed fuzzy hair and I remember one weekend he was on the computer and ran into the living room and shouted “I just won a million dollars on the computer!”  It turned out to just be a pop-up ad but it was cute!  And he played the saxaphone.  He also played football from 6th grade on.  I went to I think all of his Friday night games (may have missed one or two along the way) and was thankful this past Friday when it was 30 degrees that we weren’t sitting in the stands – some of those games got cold!
  7. So proud of my Hannah!  She just got her grades for the first semester of her junior year and made high honors – GPA 3.79!  Way to go Hannah!

So now I guess I have to tag 7 more people!

Whew!  Okay, lunch break is over.  See you at dinner!