Ed and I took a 30 minute walk this morning – in 38 degree weather!  Although 38 degrees in October doesn’t feel that cold.

Beautiful blue skies!

Eddie taking a rest . . . and he sees two squirrels!
Eddie taking a rest . . . and he sees two squirrels!


Okay, so today is Boss’ Day and the support staff (including me) made breakfast for our bosses today.  The main event – waffles!  We had four waffle makers going, and had different toppings, syrup, whip cream, nuts – you name it!

Also on the side were my chocolate cashew biscotti (all gone!), hashbrowns, fresh fruit and sausage.

I probably should have eaten at home, but I did the best I could.  Calorie wise wasn’t too bad, around 450, but I underestimated the carbs.  I guessed 40 but it was more like 56!  Yikes!  So needless to say, I had to give myself another insulin shot to make the adjustment.

Looking forward to my spaghetti squash lunch though!  I added 3 ounces of tofu which is marinating in my marinara sauce on the side right now.  I am going to be super busy this afternoon, so will probably post my lunch pic with dinner.  See you then!