Hannah is so excited to share her cleaning schedule checklist printables – FOR FREE!

I am not sure how Hannah spit out of me, because I am the complete opposite of her when it comes to cleanliness and organization.

However, I’ve been using her checklist for just the past three days, and by spreading out the chores, most days I spend only 10-15 minutes getting stuff done, and it feels amazing.  

This is Hannah speaking:

Let me tell you a little secret to make your life easier and your household run like a well-oiled machine – spread out those chores! Instead of spending an entire day buried under a mountain of dishes, laundry, and clutter, why not do a little bit each day? Trust me, it’s a game-changer. Take just 15 minutes each day to tackle a small task, whether it’s wiping down the kitchen counters, vacuuming a room, or organizing a drawer. By chipping away at the chores bit by bit, you’ll avoid the overwhelming chaos that builds up over time. Plus, you’ll free up your weekends for more enjoyable activities and relaxation. So, grab that timer, set it for 15 minutes, and dive into one chore at a time – your future self will thank you for it!

If you want to get the printable, just click the link below.  There are two versions – one that is prefilled with items that Hannah added and another that is blank that you can fill out based on your needs.  Anyone with Adobe pdf can type their own chores onto the pdf, otherwise it can be printed out and handwritten.  Thank you Hannah for making my life easier!  Love you, Love Mom.

Prefilled Simple Cleaning Checklist

For the blank checklist, click the link below:

Blank Simple Cleaning Checklist

We hope this helps you stay organized and not spending all weekend trying to catch up on a million things.

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