This mock mojito with sugar free simple syrup is so delicious, you won’t miss the vodka.

On July 1 I declared that July was going to be #dryjuly and give up alcohol for the month.  It corresponds with my DietBet that starts today (not too late to join! click here to get the details!)  and in order for me to lose 4%. of my body weight in four weeks (just over 7 pounds) I needed to ditch my beloved wine. 

So Friday night I went to my friend Jacky’s house and had a BBQ with her husband and their friend.  It wouldn’t be a BBQ without some cheese and snacks, right? Jacky made jerk shrimp and melon nachos and I made this mini cheese board from cheese from Mariano’s, only my favorite grocery store in the world. 😀

I knew I wanted to bring a mock tail and earlier in the day decided to see if I could make a sugar free simple syrup.  Only one tiny problem, is that sweeteners like Truvia dissolve, but they don’t really melt like sugar if you know what I mean.  So I decided to add corn starch to thicken it. 

Once I let the mixture cool, it looked . . .really gross.  The corn starch kind of separated on the top, but I did get a syrup!  So I thought, why not strain it?  Which worked perfectly!  Once cooled I added the lime juice and zest.  This will keep in the fridge up to a week.

Mock Mojito with Sugar Free Simple Syrup

Mock Mojito with Sugar Free Simple Syrup

A great way to have a summer drink without alcohol.  My sugar free simple syrup was the perfect addition to lime zeltzer and fresh mint.



In a pan over medium heat. Mix the cornstarch with the water. Add that to the Truvia and bring to a low boil, stirring constantly. It should thicken up in about 5 minutes. Let cool. It's going to look gross, so strain it into a mason jar. Once completely cool, stir in the juice and lime zest.

Per drink: 2 teaspoons lime simple syrup to 1 can of lime seltzer. Add lime and fresh mint. Enjoy!


This drink is zero points on all WW plans.

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Not surprisingly, I bought not one but TWO tomahawks steaks to cook up this evening.  I brought one to Jacky’s house.   I get a bit nervous cooking on other people’s grills because I don’t know the hot spots, etc.  But it turned out perfect if I do say so myself!

And not that I wasn’t happy to see Jacky, the best part was that she gave me her old bike!  She got a new one last year, and all I needed to do was to add air to the tires.  I rode for 30 minutes last night and it was awesome.  Thank you Jacky!

On Saturday my Mom, Hannah and Jacob came over for another BBQ and another steak.  This time I was able to cook in indirect heat.  I cooked the steak until 115 degrees, then reverse seared it over the hot coals until it reached 120 degrees.

My Mom slept over and we watched Hamilton on the big t.v.  – so good!  We slept in a bit and then Hannah and Jacob came over to mow my lawn and they brought the dogs over to visit.   I treated my Mom to a belated Mother’s Day gift pedicure and wow, did we need that!

My feet have never felt better!

After my Mom left, I took a 45 minute nap.  Um, someone (me) decided it was a good idea to drink coffee at 10:30 at night on Saturday while watching Hamilton (it would usually be wine!) so I had a hard time falling asleep.  

But, I got up, did laundry, cleaned the kitchen and get ready for the work week.  Last week I drove to Chicago for the day to go to the office.  Um, I think I like my 10 second commute better though.

Happy Monday friends.  I hope you had an amazing long weekend, and it’s never too late to make better choices.  I am proud that I have tracked everything, have been moving my body more.  It’s consistency not perfection that will get you to your goal – don’t forget that!

Until next time….hugs!

p.s.  if you are looking for a cocktail, check out this blood orange and vodka cocktail we had at cooking club – so good!

A great way to have a summer drink without alcohol. My sugar free simple syrup was the perfect addition to lime seltzer and fresh mint. This drink is zero points on all Weight Watchers plans. #mocktail #mojito #lime #simplesyrup