Let’s pretend this published on a Friday, but really it doesn’t matter because people could read this post on a Tuesday.  OMG, just get on with it Biz!

I am starting something new on Instagram called Follow Friday.  I am going to make a recipe from someone that I follow, and yesterday I showcased my friend Nicole from Prevention RD.

She and I go WAY back.  I think we started following each other around 2009 or 2010?  I’ve watched her moved twice, have two beautiful babies, publish THREE cookbooks and start a podcast, all while being a full time registered dietician and diabetes educator.

I decided to do a deep dive into her blog, and when I saw these black bean burgers, I realized I had everything on hand to make them.  Hannah used to give me grief for stocking up on pantry stuff, but since I haven’t done a full grocery shop in over two weeks, I am proud to be using up what I have on hand.  Since it’s not my recipe, head on over to Nicole’s blog for a printable version here.  On #teampurple on WW, each patty is only 1 smart point.  

It smelled amazing before I even pan fried them.  This would be a super quick dinner idea if you had the quinoa already cooked.  I thought at first that I would make all six burger patties, but decided to just cook off one and then see what else I could make out of the filling.

Here’s how it looked after cooking three minutes over medium heat with avocado oil spray.

OMG – so much flavor!  I love the hint of heat from the chipotle, the cilantr0 (I added a lot – probably 3/4 cup chopped!) and the pop of corn.  

I love following meal prep accounts, but I am not a fan of cooking the same thing and eating it four days in a row – like chicken, brown rice broccoli.  I need to switch it up.  After I ate my burger, I thought – these would make great vegetarian tacos!

The next morning, I scrambled an egg, added a bit of cheddar cheese and made crispy breakfast tacos with my salsa roja.

And then I made breakfast empanadas this morning.  Each empanada:  2 ounces skinny pizza dough , 1 teaspoon of Alouette garlic and herb cheese, 1 tablespoon of the black bean filling and 1/3 of a scrambled egg.  Just fold the dough over – I pan fried the empanadas in avocado oil spray in a skillet for 2 minutes to start cooking the bottom, then cooked in my air fryer at 360 degrees for 8 minutes, then 400 degrees for 2 minutes.

And later on today I am going to be making southwest chicken and black bean egg rolls – so many possibilities!  Make this recipe, give Nicole a follow – she can be found on instagram here.

I hope everyone is staying safe and well.  I am enjoying this time being home.  While I love going out and meeting people, doing happy hour, etc. I do truly love being home and close to my kitchen. 😀

Be well!


A delicious black bean burger recipe from my friend Nicole from Prevention RD. Each burger is only 1 smart point and it's a great vegetarian burger option! They can also be made into vegetarian tacos, breakfast empanadas, or chicken and black bean egg rolls - the possibilities are endless!