These banana oat pancakes are so good.

My meal plan strategy is going over the weekend and was looking through sale flyers, but realized I still had plenty of food in my fridge/freezer and pantry that I didn’t need to buy anything but fresh fruit.

This week I spent $6.68 cents on groceries.  Hannah doesn’t like a speck of brown on bananas – they were already too ripe for her to eat.  Even though the stems were green, nope – she wasn’t going to eat them.

So expect a lot of banana recipes!

These pancakes are dense, not fluffy like buttermilk pancakes, but delicious.  After I made them and found that I got 9 pancakes out of the recipe, I put the recipe into the recipe builder, and each one is 1 point each no matter how many you eat.

Believe me – two are plenty!

I used my stick blender to mix up the wet ingredients.  Even though these aren’t fluffy pancakes, I still let the baking powder do its magic and let the batter sit 15 minutes before making the pancakes.  I used 1/3 cup measuring cup for each pancake.

I served mine with greek yogurt and fruit in the middle.  I ate breakfast at 9:30 yesterday and didn’t eat lunch until after 3 – super filling!

If you love pancakes, you will love these blueberry cottage cheese pancakes – so good!

Let me know if you make them.  Happy Tuesday friends, make it a great day!