Hey guys!  I’ve missed you!  It was a much longer blog break than I anticipated, and well, my new laptop has taken me a while to get used to.  I would download pics to my laptop, start a post and then had no idea HOW to find the pictures that I knew were on my laptop somewhere.

Not surprisingly, my brother Charlie and his family who are in town this weekend, helped me figure it out.  I’ve also got a new theme to my blog, although it will be a work in progress.  Many things to fix, but hopefully in the next month it will be where I want it to be.  My recipes are so hard to find, and that’s number one priority.

So while I am back to posting, don’t worry if the blog looks a bit jenky for a bit!

Last week I made the most delish cheese danishes.  The star of them was Safe + Fair’s chocolate candy cane granola.  Holy balls this quickly shot to the top of my favorite granola.  I love that I don’t get the candy cane in every bite, so it’s a surprise when I get it!

One of my high school breakfasts when Suzy-Q’s were unavailable at 7-11 (along with a Dr. Pepper!) was a Hostess cherry pie.  That cherry filling, the crackly frosting on the outside – pure heaven!

These are my version of a grown up Hostess cherry pie – made with the Safe + Fair Candy Cane granola kneaded into the danish dough, filled with brie and no sugar added cherry pie filling.  Then finished off with a glaze.  It’s delicious.  You don’t get the candy cane in every bite, so it’s a nice surprise when you get that bite.  The slightly saltiness of the brie mixed with sweet/tart cherry pie filling.  Well, let’s just say I am glad I only made three otherwise I’d eat a dozen.

Going forward, I think I will ditch the 1/2 teaspoon of butter that I kneaded into the dough – not sure it made that much of a difference, which would make them 4 points, not 5.


It’s been a busy few weeks.  I was supposed to go to LA this past weekend, but the owner of Nyrvana had a family emergency, so it’s been postponed to the end of January.  I was happy though since my brother and his family were in town this weekend, and I got to spend more time with him, even though I just got back from a week of visiting him.  We laugh so much!

I am nearly done with my Christmas shopping.  I’ve learned to kind of wait until the weekend before because otherwise I tend to spend too much money.  

I’ll be back tomorrow with another recipe – my sugar free chocolate cupcakes with a sugar free vanilla frosting that’s shaped into a Christmas tree – it’s so pretty!

Happy Monday friends – hope you have an amazing day.

p.s.  Safe + Fair has a holiday bundle of the ginger bread and chocolate candy cane granola – my two new favorite granolas!  Use this link to save 25% + free shipping!