I am sad to say that the honeycrisp apple pie granola is now officially sold out.  Probably because I posted this recipe for Caramel Apple Muffins last week that pushed them over the edge.  Ha!

Seriously though, these muffins are insanely delicious and only 4 WW points each.  #winning

Hannah and Jacob went apple picking with their godson a couple weeks ago, and I had some honeycrisp apples to use up.  This is super easy if you have a food processor.  Hugh shout out to my follower Angie from New York who mailed me her KitchenAid food processor when I mentioned that my motor burned out on mine.  She said she only used it twice, and well since she sent it to me, I’ve used it half a dozen times already.  Thank you Angie!!

These apples were so delicious – I’ve never had a juicier apple.

Make sure that you press the granola into the batter so it sticks while it bakes.  I always bake my muffins at 425 – that way you get a nice fluffy muffin top.

Let them cool in the tin for about 2 minutes, then cool completely before drizzling the sugar free caramel sauce.


I had Friday off to check off a couple routine doctor appointments and it made all the difference in the weekend having that extra day.  Um, do you think my job could let me have every Friday off?!   I am going to work on that. 😀

Happy Monday – make it a great day!