I always bring my food to work each day.  Except for Friday’s or special lunches.  Working in the city, you could easily spend $20-$30 a day if you ate breakfast, lunch, coffee out each day.  Crazy!

I got on the train and quickly realized – I forgot my lunch.  It was either on the kitchen counter, or in my car.  When I returned from work, there was my lunch bag, in the car where I left it.  Doh!

Um, turns out I got busy and had an unexpected intermittent fasting!  I didn’t leave for lunch until 12:30 so I went from 8:00 the previous night not eating anything but a cup of coffee.

My sister had lunch plans with a co-worker (rude I wasn’t invited – kidding!) so I took advantage to try the Pick 2 menu at Naf Naf Grill.

You can pick two proteins and then a little bit of everything else:  basmati rice, hummus, chopped salad, tabouli salad and their fluffy pita bread.  I could literally eat 5 of those they are so good!

Chicken sharwarma cooking on the spit – it smelled so good!

I made the decision to get the chicken and steak – it’s so much food it was lunch yesterday and lunch today.  I counted my half serving plate as 10 points because of the half pita and the sauces.  And yes, I have a chef knife at my office. 😀

The garlic sauce is so good, and that darker sauce is their “normal” spicy sauce, which is called S’khug sauce – so flavorful spicy!

It’s super fresh and delicious – they have five locations in the city and about 12 in the surrounding suburbs – you can find the location nearest to you here.

I remembered to grab my train snack from my desk.  I walk through the French Market on the way home every.single.day and am tempted with macaroons, cupcakes, gummy bears, chocolate covered nuts – you name it, they have it.  

I ate these chips with some water and it held me until I got home to make dinner.  These 1 ounce bags are perfect for lunches, snacks, I love that it’s portion controlled too – I’ve been known to eat nearly a whole bag without even thinking about it.  It’s 110 calories or 3 WW points.

Don’t forget to use my discount code Biz25 to save 25% off your order – if you spend more than $20 you even get free shipping!   The Honeycrisp Apple granola hasn’t sold out . . . yet – I’ve done the math and if you buy 5 bags, you get free shipping – I think its around $22 after my discount and the granola has a shelf life of several month unopened.  You can click here to place your order – 😀

Happy Wednesday friends – make it a great day!