Oh hello!  Sorry for being MIA – I was having technical difficulties and my brother is super busy, but I am up and running.  I am working on making my site more user friendly, so in the process I think I messed something up – oops!

So this post was my Wednesday recap – I talked about having FIVE eating events this week, and how I needed to plan out my days so that I can spend a bit more points at dinner.  I am close to greatness on these three point key lime pie and blueberry muffins, I need to tweak them a bit before posting the recipe, but this has basically been my breakfast all week.

My muffin in sliced and toasted, I don’t count the 5 calories of I can’t believe it’s not butter, an egg and 1 point of deli ham.  

My lunches have been my buffalo chicken chili – this past weekend I mixed ground turkey breast and ground beef in my recipe, so it is 2 points for 1.5 cups – I added a point of vegan cheese and lunch was filling and satisfying.

My friend Jessica was in town and we went to The Kitchen, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite restaurants.  My friend is pescatarian, and while she wouldn’t have cared if I got a steak, I decided to go outside my comfort zone and order fish – something I rarely do.

We started with the mussels – it was in this green harissa sauce and it was heavenly.

Jessica got the salmon and it was delicious too – perfectly cooked – that crust was amazing!

We ordered the spicy green beans too, and had no room for them after all the other food – but I was happy to bring them home – I need to recreate these soon at home:

I ordered . . . wait for it . . . wait for it . . . STRIPED SEA BASS! I know!  It was stunning – I ate the crispy skin, it was a toasted almond-romesco, shaved fennel, basil, almonds, charred lemon – so good!  Except for the fennel – still not a huge fan of that, but everything else was stunning.  Mom, next time you and your friends go downtown to a show, you need to try this place out. 

The service was great – the manager stopped by the table to say hello and make sure that everything was good – and it was great to get to know Jessica better in real life.  She’s just as sweet as I imagined she would be and my life is richer because she’s in it.

I can still hear my late husband saying “internet friends are not your friends!” But I will always beg to differ – I am blessed with all the people that I have met through social media that I never would have met in real life without it.

My friend Morgan (who I met on Instagram!) and I are going to Eataly tonight for September Fest – all you can eat and drink!   It should be so much fun.  I am spending the night downtown tonight, so I weighed in a day early – my first weigh in for my diet bet and I am down .8 pounds – whoop!  So happy with that!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend – make it a great day, and don’t eat like an asshole 😀