These banana brownie muffins were a happy accident!

I had some bananas to use up, so made these chocolate oatmeal banana muffins – except they taste like a cross between a brownie and a muffin for some reason, but I am loving it.  So I am calling these Banana Brownie Muffins 😀



I went to WW on Saturday after two weeks away due to my event with Erica and was happy with only a gain of .4!  I had so many events during that two weeks, and I love how was able to balance it with basically maintaining.

And I LOVE this picture that a professional photographer took at our event.  

I had a great weekend, but it went by way too fast.  But I have more recipes coming up this week – stay tune!  

Happy Monday, make it a great day!

p.s.  if you love muffins, try my morning glory muffins 😁