I meant to post this last Friday, but the internet on the train was not cooperating, and then I never came back to it.  But I need to add this to the Chicago Dining category.

My cousin Holly was in town last week and my Mom caught the train to the city so we could have dinner at The Public in Fulton Market.  How cute is my Momma?!

The Publican has an amazing beer selection on tap.  I enjoyed Lunch from Maine Beer Company


My whole family on both sides LOVE pimento cheese.  The bread was stunning – and I am quite excited for cooler weather so I can get my bread baking pants on.  The pimento cheese was made with white cheddar, and while good, I missed the sharpness of extra sharp cheddar.

Hands down though – THIS WAS THE BEST CHICKEN I’VE EVER EATEN.  Yes, I am shouting because I want you to go there and eat this chicken.  My cousin got the whole chicken and let me bring the leftovers home.  Jacob absolutely loved it.

It’s brined and then finished on the grill.  The skin was crispy, the chicken was so tender and juicy, and the best part is that the chicken juices dripped down in the plate, and some of the French fries were soggy in the best way possible, while some were super crispy.  

I got the beef – duh.  Sadly it was just okay.  While the presentation is nice sliced, I hate when my beef comes sliced to the table – it was cooked to the right temp, but kind of dry.  And it was $27 for those three slices of beef.  I can’t believe I am saying this, but for once I beg you to get the chicken over the beef!

My Mom got the sand dabs – which is basically baby trout (I think!).  It was deboned at the table, although there were still tiny bones in there, but I think my Mom liked it.

And word on the street was that if you have a relative in from a different state, the calories of dessert don’t count. šŸ˜€

That, my friends, was a strawberry and peach biscuit cobbler with goat cheese ice cream.  Holy balls was this delicious!

And while Mom and I started to enjoy the dessert while my cousin went to the bathroom, she also paid for dinner – thank you again Holly!  

So fun to see you!  I’m already planning my long weekend stay at the Lake House next summer.  Think of all the cooking we can do together!!

Thank you random stranger for taking this picture šŸ˜€

To recap:  excellent service, awesome beverage menu AND GET THE CHICKEN!  Promise you’ll thank me later. šŸ˜€