What a gorgeous day it was yesterday – it was low 70s when I got to work and before the humidity kicked in.  I am soaking up all this weather, even though fall is my favorite season.

Breakfast was a simple breakfast burrito on a Tumaro wrap – 1 point for the wrap, 1 for the alouette cheese spread on the wrap, and 2 points for the bacon.  I ate a cup of mango on the side that was already at my desk. 😀

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, yesterday morning I showed how I threw this dinner together – it was an open faced burger with Alouette cheddar cheese in the middle – 5 points for that, on top of a bed of spinach, chopped giardiniera, a drizzle of mustard bbq sauce I had at work, and fruit on the side.  So good!  I could probably eat that every day an not get sick of it.

Since Hannah and I cleaned out our fridge, I realized I had about 5 cups of shredded zucchini I need to use up.  There will be baked goods – stay tuned!

I saw Monique from Ambitious Kitchen was also using up her zucchini and made a zucchini mac n cheese – that sounded delicious!

Only one tiny problem.  Her recipe was 17 smart points per serving and super high in saturated fat per serving – a whopping 10.5 grams, which is half of recommended 20 grams per day for women.  While I am sure I can make that work one day, yesterday was not that day.  It does look amazeballs though – you can check her recipe out here.

My new friend Justin is vegan, and he puts pumpkin in his mac n cheese with nutritional yeast to make a vegan sauce.  I used my trusty Alouette sharp cheddar cheese and the pumpkin helped with the “cheesy” color I was looking for. 

Now is this going to be the cheeziest mac in cheese dish you’ve ever had?  No.  But it’s creamy, cheezy enough, and spicy with the blackened seasoning and only 8 smart points per one cup serving.  And that serving was enough and perfect fuel before I hit the gym last night.

I’m so klassy – this video totally makes you want to eat this, no?!


I ended my day with 18,000 steps, and a 45 minute trip to the gym – 50 flights on the stair master (not doing the 500 flights in 7 days challenge this week) but I did a HIIT workout – 1.5 minutes at level 3, then 30 seconds on level 7, and did that for 20 minutes until I hit 50 flights.

Alright, my train is almost to the station – happy Wednesday – make it a great day and don’t eat like an asshole.  Love, Biz