It’s true that I have more internet friends than I have in real life.  But that’s what I love about the online community – you are never alone because there is always someone to talk to. When my late husband was sick and I would be spending day after day in the hospital with him while he slept, having my internet friends kept my sanity while going through all that.

On Saturday, I had the opportunity to meet my online friend Jake – a #wwbro who has lost 140 pounds.  He does these weekly IG recaps of his week, he talks about his dating life as a gay man, and he was in town for the weekend to do the Chicago Half Marathon.

I said I would be free for brunch on Saturday, and he asked if I minded that a couple other joined us, and I am always “the more the merrier!”

Jake is on the left – luckily the weather broke and it was not in the 90s for his run – so proud of him!  You can follow his journey on Instagram here.

Heidi had vsg surgery last fall.  She’s down 100 pounds.  Don’t for a second think that having surgery is the easy way out, because it isn’t at all – simply a tool in weight loss.  She’s so funny – she swears like a sailor just like me, and I am happy to follow her on her journey.  You can find he here on Instagram.  Her account is private, but I think she just screens her followers to keep out the creepers.  

The man in the pink shorts and shoes? That’s Justin.  He drove down from Wisconsin to meet up.  He’s lost 190 pounds using the Lose It App – his story is so inspirational.  He realized at nearly 400 pounds that he couldn’t be the best Dad that he wanted to be for his kids.  He always felt like shit and he assumed it was because he was eating 6,000 – 8,000 a day.   While that my be true, he also realized he had food allergies that he never knew he had.

He’s now strictly vegan, and makes amazing food.  Check check out his Instagram feed here. It’s my mission to get him to 10k followers so he can do a swipe up to his job and hopefully generate some income on his blog for his family.  You can find his blog here.

I got the avocado toast which was pretty good, just a bit heavy handed with the balsamic glaze.

We got there at 11 and didn’t leave until they closed at 3:00 p.m.!!  We literally could have talked for four more hours we all got along so well.  

Yesterday I spent the night downtown – I never miss an opportunity to stay at my beloved Kimpton Hotel!  I attended a cheese pop-up at Standard Pacific Time for Cypress Grove cheese – omg, so much delicious cheese!  I counted 20 points for my plate, which may be on the high side, but since my breakfast was only 4, I still ended up with a 24 point day.

This stuff was amazing – I’ve never heard of Mike’s hot honey, but I’ll have to get some.

But here’s the thing.  Other than one girl who talked to me while I was standing in line, NO ONE talked to me at the event.  I mean, we all love cheese, which is why we were there.  I struck up conversation after conversation, and no one took the bait.  Oh well!  It’s probably because I am a fashion blogger and they were just intimidated, right?!

I decided to get my steps in outside since it was so nice – stopped at The Northman to say hello to Chef Bubba, my friend Gina’s brother runs that restaurant on the river walk.

Our heat wave broke, and it was gorgeous in the city last night.

I was still going to hit up the hotel gym last night, but by the time I got back, my blood sugar was 90, and I didn’t feel like eating anything to go work out.

When I got back to my room though, I had this sign waiting for me at the hotel, along with cold water bottles and a bowl of fresh fruit – how nice is that?!  And did you know that Kimpton sells their hotel pillows online?  I bought the down alternative one – and love it – that’s my favorite thing when going to a hotel is sleeping with good pillows!  You can check that out here.

All in all a great weekend.  I had every intention of waking up early and walking the river walk, but realized when do I ever get to sleep in on a work day?  I’ll be walking with my sister at lunch and will hit the gym tonight.

How was your weekend?  I hope you give my new friends a follow – let’s get Justin to 10k followers so he can do the swipe up!  And tell your vegan friends about him – he has amazing recipes!

Happy Monday friends – make it a great day and don’t eat like an asshole.

Love, Biz