If you are afraid of cooking large pieces of meat, start with a Certified Angus Beef® sirloin tip roast. It’s super economical – I bought mine at Meijer for $3.88 a pound. I paid just over $17 dollars for my 4 pound 5 ounce roast, which roughly is about $1 a 4 ounce serving.

Make sure your beef is at room temperature before grilling. I rubbed my beef with a tablespoon of vegetable oil mixed with two tablespoons Dak’s steakhouse seasoning.

I grilled this in my Pit Barrel Cooker, until it reached an internal temperature of 120 degrees. Let rest at least 30 minutes before slicing. I made a chimichurri sauce with a roasted poblano pepper – so great on beef and I think even drizzled over eggs.


We went to our neighbors for crab fest 2019 – it was something we started when my husband was alive. The four of us went out to dinner at a fancy restaurant, the food was mediocre at best and I think each couple paid $150 with tip and decided our money would be better spent on some king crab legs.

I am having computer problems on the train this morning – cannot flip that picture to save my life, but my neighbor Brett was in charge of cooking the crab – and did it perfectly by the way.

How delicious does that look?! And because I added the turf part to our surf and turf, I also grilled a pork belly. Jacob’s grandpa picked it up for me for $10 at the butcher shop he works at. I did two tablespoons of that rescue rub, two tablespoons brown sugar and two tablespoons of yellow mustard as the rub, and cooked it on my Pit Barrel until it reached 195-200 degrees. So tender!!

But now it’s back to reality. I am still working on my recap post of my video shoot last week. I need to clarify how much I can share before posting it – but it was an amazing experience. The video I did will be live at the end of June – can’t wait to share it with you!

Hope you had an amazing holiday – make it a great day!