That right there is probably my favorite breakfast combo – sugar free lemon curd chia pudding parfait with fresh fruit, a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar and Greek yogurt.  Holy yum.  You can find my recipe for the lemon curd here.  I will say though that this is made with Splenda – I don’t mind that flavor – and its purposely not overly sweet, so if you want to add a tablespoon or two of real sugar, feel free – eaten alone the curd is really sweet tart, but mixed with everything else, it totally works.

I brought some sweet potato and black bean soup for lunch.  I realized I hadn’t checked out the German Fest at Daley Center and decided to accessorize my lunch and buy some german sausage and sauerkraut.

I bot the Landjaeger – I wasn’t really sure what it was but it was the only thing I could buy that was just the sausage only and not the bun and extras.  Um, can I just tell you that I walked away from buy one get one free apple struedel!  That deserves a major award!

This is soup is really good, but I need to tweak the recipe a bit more.  After sitting in the fridge for a couple days after I made it, the broth because a bit sweet because of the sweet potatoes – but after adding some of the sausage and sauerkraut, it was really tasty!

So I did a thing yesterday.  Last year at at WW meeting near my Mom’s house, someone mentioned a Blue Cross Fitness 365 where you could join a host of gyms for only $29 – all or one – it doesn’t matter!  Well, there is a totally deluxe L.A. Fitness less than a 4 minute walk from my office.

I set up a tour at 5:15.  I was greeted warmly until I showed her my Blue Cross Membership and the tour lasted all of about 1 minute.  She pointed from where she stood “the free weights are over there, treadmills over there and the pool and locker rooms are downstairs.”  Um, gee thanks!

I love to swim even if I am not a good swimmer.  Fun fact.  The only reason I joined field hockey my freshman year in high school was because my grandma wanted me to join the swim team. I told her I couldn’t swim well enough to join, and she actually called the swim team coach and said “my granddaughter can’t swim, but can she join the team?”  She thought it would shape my shoulders.  I told her I couldn’t join because I was trying out for field hockey.  I’d never even heard of field hockey let alone play it, but I ended up playing in college so that worked out!

Dinner was super quick because as it turns out, the Planet Fitness where I belong is also on the list – so I went to cancel my membership there and switch it so I won’t get charged through Planet Fitness anymore.

This is a ramen noodle stir fry – not really a recipe but I used half a block of ramen noodles (6 points!) 3 ounces of leftover pork, sugar snap peas, carrot ribbons and corn.  I used Marion’s Kitchen sticky ginger sauce and sambal oeleek – so good!

I ended my day with just over 17k steps – nice!

We have another wet day ahead of us – I saw the sun for about 5 minutes yesterday – but I think after today we’ll dry out for a bit.  I need some sun. 😀

My internet keeps going out on the train this morning, so I’ll quit while I am ahead – happy Thursday friends – make it a great day.