Are you sick of seeing my chia pudding?!  Ha – I am not sick of eating it.  Normally I am all for mixing up my breakfasts every day, but when it makes so much, it’s so easy to grab and go.  This is a small jelly jar, so that’s half a cup of chia pudding with yogurt, blueberries, banana and some Safe + Fair chocolate granola – all for 5 points.

What a gorgeous day in Chicago yesterday!  In the low 50s – yes!

We walked to the fancy Apple store – I had to get one last gift for Jacob.  They have free classes you can take to learn about different products.  Yesterday they had a class on time-lapse photography.

Apparently I forgot to take a picture of my Italian sausage soup 😀

I was able to switch night secretary nights with another woman so I could leave on time.  I love getting off the train and it’s still light out!

We went to a place called The Onion Pub for Jacob’s birthday.  I always forget how much I love this place.  I had every intention of getting the ahi tuna salad, but when I saw the havarti dill pickle burger on the menu, that’s what my mouth said when the server was at our table.  😀

But guess what?  I didn’t even eat half of that burger.  And I ate about 6 tater tots.  And I had a beer.  And it was delicious!

On the drive home though, I started thinking . . . what happened to my plan??!!  And then I stopped and thought – I ordered what I wanted, ate until satisfied and today I have my food packed for the day and it’s all good!  Now, if I went to Burger King for breakfast today, ordered an Epic Burger with fries and a shake for lunch and pick up Lou Malnati’s for dinner tonight – now that would be eating like an asshole.  I just enjoyed a delicious burger on my son-in-laws birthday and am moving on.

Oh, and I did have a tiny slice of Portillo’s Chocolate Cake, because its only the best chocolate cake on the planet.

Happy Thursday friends – make it a great day!