Before I recap our birthday day, you guys need to scroll to the bottom and make these turkey air fryer egg rolls.  So tasty!

We had the best day yesterday!  I have about 3% battery, I didn’t plug in my laptop right – so until I can come back and fill this in, I’ll give you our day in pictures!

We started the day at Jenn’s fancy gym – so nice!

After treadmill, stairs, weights, we swam and hit the hot tub – perfect!

Oh, and let’s not forget we played basketball too!

We split a salad and chicken breast entree – perfect amount of food!

A little too many onions in the corn and black beans 😀

Our future is so bright, we had to wear shades!

Amazing dinner with the fam, and so many nice gifts – I especially love this one from my Instadaughter Christina.

I have to hit publish while I have battery life – these air fryer turkey egg rolls are so good!






If you like egg rolls, check out my recipe for shrimp and pork egg rolls.

Make it a great day, and don’t eat like an asshole!  Love, Biz