It’s my birthday today!  Which I guess means it’s my twin sisters birthday too – Happy Birthday Jenn!

I am proud to say that Day 1 of my Diet Bet went according to plan.  Even though I spent a lot of time in the kitchen yesterday in between my doctors appointment, it was all low point foods – I made ground turkey egg rolls (posting that tomorrow), I also made salmon cakes with an apricot, sriracha, lime and cilantro sauce that is killer – four cakes with sauce for only TWO points! 

And I decided for my birthday, I would make fruit tarts.  It’s one of my favorite desserts because it’s not overly sweet.  

Have you ever had pastry cream?  Holy balls is it rich, creamy and delicious.  But most recipes call for whole milk, 1/2 cup sugar, 1/4 cup butter AND a cup of heavy whipping cream.  Um, yes, but I started my Diet Bet yesterday (not too late to join – click here – there are 459 of us for support!) and I didn’t want to eat like an asshole the first day.

Safe + Fair recently sent me their Remy’s Grahams and I am in love.  They are like grown up animal crackers meets graham crackers in the best way possible.  They come individually wrapped, and while I realize they are probably meant to be kids snacks, I love that these are portioned out.  Only 100 calories and 3 smart points.

I decided to crush the crackers with my rolling pin in the package to make my graham cracker crust.  You’ll never guess what I mixed with the crackers to make the crust – greek yogurt!  Just a tablespoon of yogurt for each package of crackers for each tart.  

Before my doctors appointment I made the crust and pastry cream.  I let those cool and built my tarts when I got back.

The best part though guys?  These are only THREE points.  Well, technically 3.5 points, but the .5 point is only 20 calories, so I am not going to count that.  Yes, I know I am a WW rebel!

The glaze is 0 points – you guys need to look for Smucker’s sugar free apricot preserves – only 10 calories a tablespoon and scanned at zero points.  I microwaved that with a bit of water for the glaze.  #swoon

What I love about these tarts is that they are not overly sweet.  You get the cinnamon sweetness from the crackers, the pastry cream has just a hint of sweetness from the Splenda, so the real star is the apricot glazed fruit on top.


Happy birthday to my twin sister!  I always love this picture of us, circa 1982 maybe??  With our giant glasses and button earrings!

We are spending the day . . . at the gym!  Jenn belongs to a nice gym, so we are going to get our workout on, go swimming and hit the hot tub before having lunch.  Tonight my roommates and I are going to Texas Roadhouse where I’ll be able to stay on plan with a steak, sauteed mushrooms and steamed veggies.  Oh, and maybe a piece of their amazeball garlic bread, I mean, it is my birthday.

These tarts would be amazing on your Easter table.  The crust and pastry cream can be made a couple days in advance, and I think if you had little kids it would be fun to watch them “decorate” their own tarts.

I bought those tarts at Bed Bath & Beyond – I love them.  I’ve used them for mini pot pies, mini deep dish pizzas – so many possibilities.  You can also find them on Amazon.

Don’t forget to use my discount code for Safe + Fair products!  Buy 4, get one free.  And free shipping the month of March.  They probably did that because it’s my birthday month. πŸ˜€  Here is the link.  The discount code should pop up with that link, but otherwise it’s BIZ.

Now I am off to get ready to head to Oak Park.  You’re welcome Jenn for me doing all the driving today.  You can pay for lunch. πŸ˜€

Happy Tuesday friends – make it a great day!

What I love about these tarts is that they are not overly sweet. You get the cinnamon sweetness from the crackers and the pastry cream has just a hint of sweetness from the Splenda. So the real star is the apricot glazed fruit on top. The fruit tart glaze is also only 0 points and each tart is 3 points! #tart #fruit #ww #weightwatchers #ww #pastry