Back when I lost 70 pounds back in 1999-2000, my sister and I lived in a two flat together – her family on the first floor and Hannah and I (before I met Tony!) on the second floor.  Back then fiber was king – the higher the fiber content the lower the points – OMG, we would spend hours at the grocery store looking for the highest fiber food!

One of my bad habits back then was that I found that I was snacking on a shit ton of food WHILE I was making dinner.  What’s the point of that?  So my sister and I used to make zero point soup (or as close to zero as the program was back then, which I can’t even remember what is was called – the Flex program?!

But I digress.  I used to be a magazine whore – like subscribed to at least 10 magazines, until Hannah convinced me that all the stuff in the magazines would eventually be found out online.  And you know what?  She was right.  But I still like thumbing through them, so I get them from my library.  If I can’t find the magazine for the month I am in (say January 2019) I’ll get January 2018, or even January 2017 – so I am still using recipes in season.

Eating Well had a recipe for a Tumeric Corn Soup and a quick glance through the recipe and I realized I had everything to make it.  Although, of course I had to make it a bit more WW friendly – I didn’t think a can of full fat coconut milk was necessary or the 1/4 cup of olive oil was worth having a 500 calorie bowl of soup.

So this is what I used:  frozen corn, only 1 tablespoon of olive oil to help emulsify the soup, tumeric, hot curry powder because I love it spicy, an extra can of corn, 1/4 cup fat free half and half, chicken broth and sambal oelek – to add another level of spice.

The best part about this soup?  No cooking!  Seriously, just throw everything in the blender and when ready to eat, just heat up in a pan on the stove or in the microwave.  I put this into the WW builder and it comes at 2 WW points for 1/3 of this blender – which is a generous serving.  If you left out the measly tablespoon of oil (which I think I will next time – not sure I can tell it’s even in there) it would be zero points.

I garnished with artichoke hearts and cilantro.  It’s thick, creamy, love the sweet and spicy combo.  I think for dinner one night I’ll add grilled shrimp to it to make a meal?

So good!



Yesterday’s breakfast I could eat probably every day and never get sick of it.  Where am I willing to spend the points?? Besides wine? #wwdryjanuary – is bread.  These are Turano English muffins and they are delicious!

My sister and I went to a WW workshop to buy the new WW scale that can weigh your food in points or ounces/grams.  Um, it may need a bit of a learning curve – but I like how big the actual scale is.

I had to work late last night, so didn’t get home until after 8 p.m.  Hannah and I had jack fruit tacos on the menu, and she was so sweet that she waited for me.

It wasn’t until after I started cooking it that she was like “you can have all the jackfruit” and pulled out some ground beef to make beef and rice tacos.  Ha!

I decided to make a jack fruit and white bean filling.  It’s zero points.  The question I got asked on IG last night was “what does it taste like?”  Well, it tastes like nothing.  Think of it as tofu in a can!  Hannah said that a lot of vegans who have eaten fresh jack fruit say it tastes like bubble gum!

So while it tastes like nothing, here’s why I will buy it again to have on hand.  For those nights when you get home and you’re like “shit – I only have 5 points for dinner!”  You can have these in your back pocket.  Three corn tortillas is 4 points, the Trader Joe’s cheese was 1 point, and the rest was free.  My sour cream was Greek yogurt mixed with hot sauce, lime and chopped cilantro.  5 point winner dinner!

Even with snacking on veggie chips on my train ride home last night, I finished my day at 24 points.  It’s Wednesday and I still have 29 weekly points left.  Again, thanks to #wwdryjanuary!

If you are the praying type – please keep my son-in-laws Mom in your thoughts today.  She was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer and is having a double mastectomy today.   She isn’t expected to have to do chemo or anything, but just a reminder (to me!) and you that you should get that shit checked out.  I think my last mammogram was 5 years ago – yikes!

Happy Wednesday my friends – make it a great day!