First Cooking Club of 2019!  I so look forward to these nights.  Sadly one member Mary Beth was sick and couldn’t attend – and she even made her dish without onions!  Hope you feel better soon!!

Guys.  Can you even with this kitchen??!!  Oh the cooking shows I could have in that kitchen!  Ha!

The way it works:  Courtney – hostess with the mostest picks a head chef – this month it happened to be her – she chose posole – and then everyone else picks something – two people are assigned appetizers, one a signature drink, two other side dishes and one or two on dessert.

Tina (awesome food blogger!) made these ginger sesame chicken pot stickers with sweet chili pomegranate sauce and holy balls I cannot wait to make these at home.  I’ll figure out the nutritional info and points later, but this was packed with flavor – I literally could drink that dipping sauce.  You can find the recipe here.

I made a black bean hummus with lime salt chips – this was a big hit!  I made the recipe on the fly the night before last, tasting until I got it right – in the end I added pickled jalapenos and it made this hummus.  The whole recipe is only 8 points too – this will be perfect for a snack with fresh veggies.  The chips are Mission brand yellow corn tortillas that I deep fried.  Recipe is below šŸ˜€


Julie made this quinoa salad with corn, tomato, black beans with an avocado dressing and it was amazeballs.  I’ll see if she has an exact recipe.

Catherine made this corn souffle – I also don’t have an exact recipe, but she said it’s a family favorite that she makes every Thanksgiving – it was so good!!

Courtney made the pork posole recipe is out of Ina Garten’s “Cook Like A Pro” cookbook, and for some reason can’t find a link to it, but I will.  The broth is so flavorful and I garnished mine with radish, cheese and avocado.  #swoon

And not to be outdone, Courtney’s Mom Donna made this cake.  Which when I put it on my Instagram story everyone said “that’s better than sex cake!”  Or Robert Redford cake.  Not sure why though!  You can find that recipe here.

I am still on #wwdryjanuary – so no wine for me – but how pretty does this sparkling water with fresh raspberries look?!

Such a pretty table.


Happy Friday my friends – make it a great day!!