The shower omelette was born when I realized I didn’t prepare anything to take to work for breakfast.  While I easily could have bought something downtown, I told myself “you have food to use up!”  So before I jumped in the shower I put a non-stick skillet on my stove over high heat for 2 minutes.

Scrambled two eggs, then put the eggs in the pan, put in some baby spinach and ham, turned off the heat, put a lid on the pan and went and jumped in the shower.  When I was done with my shower, my shower omelette was cooked!

Now, I have an electric stove, so there is some residual heat even when I turn off the heat – you’ll have to play around with this with a gas stove – maybe heat the pan a couple minutes longer?

My omelette was 3 points (thank you cheese) my biscuit was 3 so breakfast was 6 points.

I am not sure that video is working above – but Jenn and I went to the culinary center to check out the space . . . again.  I did a little “show” as if I had my own – ha!  Below is one of the only professional head shots I had done – it was for a diabetic magazine back in 2013 (I was 45 then and now I’ll be 51 in March!).  It’s funny because whenever I wear red, which is so infrequent, people tell me that it’s my color.  When they handed me a red dress to put on I was like “what?!!”  

More ironic was that we did the photo shoot at The Chopping Block – before I ever worked there – I puffy heart that place.

I made tomato noodle soup for lunch yesterday – people – if you make soup with noodles always cook and store the noodles separately and only bring them together when you reheat the soup – you’ll thank me later for not having noodles that taste like ass.

The base of the soup is zero points, and the noodles were 6, so 6 points for lunch.

I did a quick grocery stop after work yesterday – it’s Cooking Club tonight!  Our first of 2019 – can’t believe in August we will have met for 4 years already.

They had pub burgers in the meat bin – so duh, I bought them.  I took 3.5 ounces and made this burger – I am calling it 6 points because it probably isn’t ground sirloin and there was some chopped cheese in it.  On the side were baked potato fries – a cooked baked potato that I cut into fries and then deep fried – I made homemade tortilla chips for Cooking Club last night, and the deep fryer was going 😀  I count 1 point for the oil, so my open faced burger dinner was 10 points.

Stay tuned for this black bean hummus – I am anxious to see what my Cooking Club friends think – I’ll post the recipe and recap tomorrow.

Happy Thursday friends – make it a great day!