We made it!  Happy Friday before the Merry Christmas weekend.  I hope that you are spending it with family, friends, and food! 

It’s no secret that I love pizza.  Like a lot.  I worked in a bar for several years where I made pizza twice a week – in 7 hour shifts.  To say that I’ve probably made thousands of pizza in my lifetime is probably an understatement.

I first made my skinny pizza dough a year ago this week – December 18, 2017 to be exact.  You can check out my youtube video here.  

Have people in your life that are gluten free?  That pizza below is hands down the best gluten free pizza – so much so that no one will know it’s gluten free!

This buffalo chicken pizza is one of my favorites – so good!

Have you ever tried balsamic glaze on your pizza?  So good!  You can find it in your vinegar/olive oil aisle – a squeeze bottle is usually around $3.

I just love how versatile pizza is – the combinations are endless!  I could post the hundreds of pizza’s I’ve made in the last 10 years, but then it would be too long for anyone to read. 😀

But I have a present for one of you.  To celebrate this holiday season, I AM GIVING AWAY A BAKING STEEL!

I’ve had so many baking stones over the years, but after less than a year, they were always cracking or breaking.  I like to cook my pizza at 500 degrees.  Hannah, Jacob and my Mom went in on a Baking Steel for me three or four years ago now, and I’ve never looked back.  I use it ALL.THE.TIME.  Even when I made my deep dish pizza last night in a cake pan, I placed it on top of the baking steel.

It’s the closest I’ve come to making pizza in a commercial oven at home.  

So to thank you for spending time reading this blog all week, all month, all year, or all 10 years – I just wanted to give something that I know everyone would love.

To enter?  Just leave me a comment and tell me what your favorite pizza combo is – I’m always on the lookout for new combinations!

I’ll be taking a blog break until December 26 – and I’ll pick a winner then. 

Merry Christmas!  I hope you have a wonderful holiday.  I’ll still be on Instagram (mybizzykitchen) so if you want to follow along you can check me out there too.

Good luck!