My sister Jenn sent me this from Instagram on my way to work yesterday.  I had to smile because I had something similar for my breakfast.  Great minds think alike!  She’s a good follow on Insta too šŸ˜€

My long time blog friend Julianne sent me a Starbucks gift card, which was so thoughtful – thank you Julianne!   I got the sous vide egg bites – not sure how to count the points on those – 5 points seems a little high, but maybe there is added fat like oil or butter?  Who knows, all I know is that they are delicious.  On the side I did banana peanut butter granola bites.  I melted the peanut butter in the microwave so it was easy to drizzle – best part is that the peanut butter hardens as it cools and I love it.  Breakfast was 9 points but so filling.

My sister and I got our walking shoes on and went to Mariano’s at lunch.  For some reason we don’t get good cell signals in that store, but check out the price of that sauerkraut – $9.99!  I love sauerkraut and part of me wants to buy it to see what the hype is – or to see if its dusted in gold flakes for that price. šŸ˜€

I finally ate my lunch I brought the other day, my left over chicken sausage with mashed potatoes and green beans.  The chicken sausage is only 1 point per link – its my stores local Jewel brand, but Jewel is also owned by Albertson’s, so maybe you can find it too?  It’s also 3 points for 2 links!  Lunch was 5 points.

It’s been cloudy for days in Chicago – I can handle the cold, but I need to see some sun. 

Then the sun came out!  

And then an 90 minutes later it was pitch black. 

Even though I was under the weather, being in the kitchen is my favorite place to be.  When Hannah told me that she made dinner, I at first was grateful, but then thought “but what do I get to cook?”  This was delicious though – it’s Jacob’s spicy chicken lime soup.  It’s so good.  But we all know that when Jacob makes it, its the best.  

The soup is zero points, so I added 1/2 a cup of rice to my soup.  So good.  It was spicy, with that punch of lime.  Love.  Here’s Hannah’s photo from when I first published the recipe.  

I still got bizzy in my kitchen though – I made some banana chocolate chip scones – I hope to post those soon after I get some feed back from co-workers.

I have to laugh when I get asked on Instagram about my skin care routine, and if I can do a video post on my steps.  Well, it would be about a 5 second video because I basically just put Pond’s on my face every night before I go to bed – all year round.  p.s.  I wash my face with shampoo (could be Pantene, or Head and Shoulders) šŸ˜€

It’s my Friday!  I have a blog event tonight in the city, and tomorrow I have the day off.  I am working on a video for Certified Angus Beef and hope to get that wrapped up this weekend.  It’s a bit over my skill level, but you have to fake it til you make it, right?!

Happy Thursday friends, make it a great day!