Another holiday without my husband.  This would technically be the 4th Thanksgiving without him.  The last Thanksgiving I had with him was in the hospital.  He wasn’t conscious.  My Mom brought Boston Market and we ate turkey and mashed potatoes with hospital sounds surrounding us and nurses coming in and out.  It’s still so surreal when I think about that last week of his life.  My Mom cancelled a trip to Hong Kong to stay with me, because we both knew he wouldn’t be long for the world anymore.  Thankfully, four years later, my Mom is making that epic trip in January – I know I’ve told you before, but thanks for sacrificing that trip to be with me.  Love you!  

My husband was always making me laugh.  I thought I was beautiful no matter what weight I was.  He always told me that if I wanted to lose weight it was because I wanted to, not because he thought I needed to.  #love

And I miss his antics – like this classic pie.  I seriously left him alone in the kitchen for two minutes and came back to find this. šŸ˜€

Thankfully my baking skills have gotten a bit better over the years.  Below is my first attempt at a braided crust apple pie and it didn’t turn out too bad!  You can find that recipe here with pictures on how I did this.

I had chia pudding for breakfast – I always forget how much I love it until I eat it again.  Just remember 3 tablespoons of chia pudding per one cup of preferred milk.  I usually make a triple batch at a time because it will last for up to a week in the fridge.  Five points for one cup of pudding, or 2 points for 1/2 a cup like below – #weightwatchermath

Jenn and I walked Macy’s.  I had zero point enchilada soup so I accessorized with some of Rick Bayless’ chips and salsa.  When I got back to my desk, I could feel my blood sugar dropping.  Dangit.

So I started eating chips and salsa, but I could still feel my blood sugar dropping, so I set that aside, ate a banana and like two cups of grapes.  And then was full.  I never ate my soup!  Side note:  I need to find a recipe for that green salsa – it’s so good!  And his tortilla chips have a salt and lime flavor – swoon.

I worked an hour late – I loved how the moon looked when I got off the train.

My neighbor came over for about 40 minutes – Hannah is watching their dogs on Friday, so she came over to chat about that.  So I was hangry by the time dinner was made – probably close to 9?  I bought sirloin pork steaks (in the meat bin of course!) and ate half a pork chop, and made delirings – I will never get sick of those.  

Um, turns out the dogs wanted some of my dinner too!  I love Rummy licking her lips šŸ˜€

And wouldn’t you know, I woke up in the middle of the night with a blood sugar of 39.  But I ate a banana, and went back to sleep.  


What are your plans for Thanksgiving?  I am spending the weekend at my Mom’s house – my brother, his wife and my niece Rachel are coming in late tonight.  Hannah and Jacob are hosting his family at our house.  My brother and his family are kind of picky eaters, so I am going to be doing the traditional sides – my Mom is doing the turkey and stuffing.  I’ll be doing mashed potatoes, roasted carrots.  And I’ll probably make that braided pie because my Mom is making pumpkin pie – I think!  

Mom, I’ll call you later today.  

Whatever your plans, I hope you travel safely, and concentrate on time with family and not just the food.  

Happy Wednesday, make it a great day!