My very berry sauce is so quick to make – less than 5 minutes from frozen fruit and you’ve got a delicious element to your breakfast parfait.  One cup frozen fruit (make sure it has no added sugar in the ingredient list – some frozen fruits add sugar) 1/2 cup water, 1 teaspoon corn starch and 1 teaspoon Splenda.  Put in a pan over medium high heat – it will look all white because of the corn starch, but after 5 minutes it will turn into syrupy goodness.  Is syrupy even a word?!

I weighed out 1.5 ounces of granola, which was only 140 calories according to the package, but cost me 6 points.  I puffy heart granola so I am not giving that up 😀  And doesn’t everyone have a food scale at their office?

Breakfast comes in at 6 points.

It was a gorgeous chilly day in Chicago – still see some remnants of summer with this tiki bar on the Riverwalk.

I made a batch of my Buffalo Chicken Chili over the weekend – with chicken breasts at .99 cents a pound, I couldn’t pass it up.  

In reality, this is what my lunch looked like at my desk 😀

Dinner was super quick last night.  Because I meal prepped bone-in chicken breasts, this Copycat Panera lemon chicken orzo soup took less than 15 minutes to put together.  I forgot how much I love the brightness of the lemon in this dish.  Only 3 smart points, or 224 calories per serving – #winning!

So I’ve been trying, without luck, to make a decent microwave single serve cake.  So far I am 0-5.  If you have a tried and true microwave cake, do you mind sharing your link?  This was the worst one yet – I tried to use sugar free cake mix, greek yogurt, an egg and water – and well, this tasted like ass.

I had spotty internet on the way to work, so I am just going to hit publish and move on – happy Thursday – make it a great day!