Um, why have I never thought to put tater tots on top of my breakfast tart?  Game changer!  Last Friday when I was off work, I was organizing the deep freeze when I realized that Hannah and Jacob bought a giant bag of these tater tots from Sam’s Club.  While I normally don’t eat their food, I realized for a second “would they really miss 10 tater tots?”  Nope!

This recipe is also a great way to use up any veggies in your fridge that are just about to go bad.  You need about a cup of veggies between the two tarts – I used red peppers, mushrooms and zucchini.

Here is my only bit of advice – I should have put my tart pans on my cookie sheet before filling them, because I did end up spilling some on the way to the stove – turns out the dogs didn’t mind licking up the eggs I spilled on the floor. 

These would also be perfect for a brunch – put parchment paper on a cookie sheet and everyone can write their name below their tart and add whatever veggies they like – you know if I had a brunch everyone would want to add onions to theirs. πŸ˜€  These are also great at room temperature too.  I had one for breakfast yesterday and because I was eating at my desk, it took me a while to eat it, and the first bite was just as good as the last one.


You can tell by the way women are dressed that some of them have made the turn to fall – wearing UGG boots and neck scarves.  I am all for the change of seasons, but it was 90 degrees yesterday with a heat index of 97.  We were hotter than Austin yesterday!

It was a no brainer to meet at Macy’s today for our walk.  

And even though it was 90 degrees, it didn’t stop me from eating Jessica’s white bean and corn chili that I made over the weekend.  I need to tweak this recipe a bit – sorry Jessica!   I love that this chili was kind of like a summer soup with the corn, but felt like you should be cozied up in a big sweater on a porch, watching the leaves fall with the creamy white beans.  This wasn’t chili – I followed her recipe step by step, and while this is a delicious soup, I wouldn’t call it a chili.  I also used boneless skinless chicken thighs so this was super rich in flavor.  I even pureed a can of the white beans and added that to the chili, but it was still a soup. πŸ˜€

I had a chicken breast that I forgot to cook – it had been marinating since Saturday and I needed to cook it up.  I suddenly decided that chicken Parm would be delicious and it was.  Over the weekend I also made a batch of my zero point marinara.  This dinner was ready in about 15 minutes from beginning to end.  Best part is that because the chicken breast was so big, I made dinner and packed up a second one for my lunch today.

I barely got done before the sun started to set.  The only points for this dish was the cup of pasta (6) and 1 point for the 1.5 tablespoons of shredded Parmesan.  I decided to eat only half before I went to the gym, and if I was still hungry when I got home, I could always eat the other half when I got home.  But guess what?  Half was perfect!  I didn’t shit my pants while at the gym, and I was satisfied.  #winning

Have you entered my 10 year blogaversary giveaway?  Because there were lots of comments in my spam folder that I had to approve, I had no idea that this comment was sitting in my spam folder from 3 weeks ago.  Could it be the same person who wrote me the handwritten hate mail?  

Who knows.  All I know is that for someone who has that much time on their hands to set up a fake email, to leave me a comment, obviously doesn’t have much going on for them.  Someone left a comment on IG, and she said “hurt people hurt people.”  I’d never heard of that before, but it’s so true.

I have been a Weight Watcher since 1999 when I lost 70 pounds in 15 months.  I maintained that weight loss until 2007 when Tony started getting sick, and I’ve bounced up and down the scale ever since.  But I do stand by my testament when I say that if it hadn’t been for Weight Watchers, I could easily be back up to 211 pounds – which on a 5.2″ person is a lot of weight.  I would have completely given up and eat shit breakfast, lunch, dinner and every snack in between.

I’m working on it.  I don’t know if I mentioned it here, but I am doing dry September – no alcohol.  I need to ditch that, especially with Tony’s birthday month.  I want to feel the feels, move on and not hide behind a box of wine.

If you haven’t entered my 10 year blog anniversary, there is still time.  Just check out this post.  Also, my friend Sam corrected me – the knife he is handcrafting has a retail value of $185!  Not $125 like a stated yesterday.  Um, would it be weird if I picked my own name in the giveaway?

Happy Wednesday my friends – and given the choice – always choose the tater tots.