It’s amazing to me how many times in a day we have the choice that will get us either closer to our goal, or farther away.  Notice I didn’t say eat good or bad food – I am trying to retrain my brain against those kinds of thoughts.  There is no perfect way to eat, so there really isn’t a way to mess up now, is there?  Just choices that only you have the decision to make.  

My friend Ashley has a tradition of going out to ice cream with her family the night before the first day of school.  She’s coming up on her one year anniversary of hitting goal.  (you can follow her here on Instagram)

I think her ice cream that she got was like 31 points.  Did she have the points for it?  Not really.  But she enjoyed every bite because it was a memory she was making with her family.  Was she going to eat ice cream the next six nights in a row because she had some?  Nope!   Just enjoyed it, kept the family tradition alive and moved on.

The treats table at my co-workers return to work was huge – all kinds of donuts, cake, chips and salsa, cookies – you name it, it was there.  What did I have?  I ate my mini quiche for 5 points, then cut up one of my muffins for an extra 2 points.  I got the taste of the muffin, enjoyed it and moved on!  I did get fruit off the treats table though 😀

It was threatening to rain on our walk yesterday, so we walked Macy’s – I loved this bag piper!

I love to embarrass Jennifer any chance I can get – I normally shout her name as soon as I see her and run straight to her.  Here I am running a race with a manequin – I won! 😀

This coat was gorgeous and looks so cute on my sister – she put it back -no thanks on the $800 price tag!

I hit the ground running after I got back from our walk, and finally heated up my lasagna soup at 4:00.  Turned out to be a good decision because I worked until 7, which meant I wasn’t home until nearly 9.  That kept me full so I wasn’t tempted to get train snacks for the long (makes every stop) train ride home.

I had to do a double take when I got my seat though – see that guy with the white striped shirt?  My husband had that exact shirt and at first glance from the back – looked like Tony.   Gosh, I miss him.

Hannah made potstickers for dinner and said that I could have some of her leftovers, but they were chock full of green onions.  No thanks 😛  Luckily I still had some marinated tofu from the farmers market that needed to be used up, so I did a quick saute of mushrooms and broccoli, then added the tofu at the end.  I am calling this 3 points for the marinade – the rest is zero points.

I did not go to the gym last night, I was just too tired.  I still managed to get 15k steps in yesterday though!

I love this saying – the three C’s of life – you must make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change.  SO TRUE!

What choices are you making in your life to make a change?