This will be a quick post. I’m folding clothes and packing my weekend bag to spend the weekend with my cousin Patti.

I’ve decided that this summer will be “one tank of gas” trips – maybe once a month or every other weekend – who knows?!

My car when full has 375 miles to a tank of gas. Turns out my cousin lives 368 miles from me – road trip!

Looking forward to it! Can’t remember the last solo road trip I did. If you have any podcast suggestions – let me know!

I took the kadults out to dinner last night. I know they will be miserable having the house to themselves this weekend. #not

If you ever find yourself in the far Northwest suburbs and you love burgers, check out The Tracks in Cary.

That is their firecracker burger with fried jalapeños and sriracha sauce. I ate 1/2 for 12 points, had a few chips and a beer for a 20 point dinner.

So good!

Flavorful beef patty, soft brioche bun, and the fried jalapeños make this burger – oh, and cooked medium rare! 🤤

Off to make a quick breakfast then headed out on my road trip. Happy Friday friends – make it a great day!