This New York Strip with Potato Crunchies is going to be your go to beef recipe.

How can it be August already?!  It’s insane.  But you know what?  There is still FIVE months left in the year to kick some ass, and that’s what I plan to do.  I’m coming for you August!

I had forgotten how much I love this breakfast baked potato – it’s been too long.  My 3 ounce shell of potato (2) was stuffed with a scrambled egg, egg whites, 1/2 ounce of cheese (2) and topped with green onion.  For show.  Just for the picture.  Then I quickly threw them in the garbage and scrubbed my work knife to get the smell off of it asap. šŸ˜›

I didn’t leave for lunch until 1:15.  I was hoping my sister would be able to walk, but her boss was leaving for vacation and needed to meet with her.  I brought leftover pickle chicken and greens, I just needed toppings.  This is a very economical way to eat a huge.ass.salad.  I spent $3.77 for my toppings – love all the bean options!

So colorful!

Here is my salad all put together.  I topped it with Bolthouse Farms classic ranch – so this whole salad was only 4 points.  It took me nearly an hour to eat it at my desk. šŸ˜€

While I love all the flavors of Bolthouse, I do go back to classic ranch – 1 point for 2 tablespoons. šŸ˜€

My hair down all day yesterday so I had to document it, because that never happens. 

Working late doesn’t bother me.  Now mind you, I am not complaining – there are only two of us who work overtime, and the other woman has been on vacation the last two weeks, so I covered her shifts too.  While it makes for a long ass day, I’ll be happy when I see the overtime pay on my next paycheck. šŸ˜€

Sometimes it’s easy to just pick up something at the train station to eat on the train on the way home, but I had this gorgeous piece of beef waiting for me, thanks to:

Certified Angus Beef Ā®


Tips for making great steak at home.

There is no real “recipe” for cooking steak, but I do have some tips.  Let’s talk about salt.  You need to either salt your beef right before you cook it, or salt and wait for 30 minutes for the salt to reabsorb into the beef.

Have you ever seasoned beef and then waited for your grill to get to temp, look over, and see a pool of liquid on top of the beef?  That was the salt pulling the liquid out of the beef – if you were to cook it right then and there, you’ll lose all that delicious juice that could be in your steak.  If you were to pan fry that, the liquid would actually steam the beef instead of getting a nice crust.  

Sear the fat side for one minute on medium high heat, and for this thickness of beef, I cooked it for 3 minutes per side.  Then let rest 10 minutes before slicing.

It was nearly 9:30 by the time I ate, so I didn’t want a heavy baked potato on the side.  I decided to shred a potato and fry that in my deep fryer and that was the best decision ever.  It had the potato taste, and a nice salty crunch on top. 

So this took about 20 minutes from beginning to end.  I am so glad I waited for this!

I wish my lighting was better, but I am sure you can imagine – I ate every bite and almost licked my plate šŸ˜€

Only one last night that I may have to work late, and then I’ll be sliding head first into the weekend.  I am actually going to a Cubs game on Saturday with my boss – he’s a season ticket holder, so that should be fun.  Should I wear my White Sox shirt and hat? šŸ˜›  Or maybe a Milwaukee Brewer’s shirt?  Ha!  Let me know if you make this New York Strip with Potato Crunchies.

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Happy Thursday friends – make it a great day!