I can’t remember the last time I had an McMuffin for breakfast.  When I was at Sam’s Club last weekend, they had a 20 pack for like $3 – Hannah’s had one every day for breakfast, easy to make ahead and grab and go.  They are 4 points each, but with eggs and 1/2 an ounce of cheese and fruit, breakfast is only 6 points.

The Biz and Jenn show was back on the air yesterday!  So happy we got to get together at least once this week to walk.  She had to do some shopping at Macy’s for work, so we walked and shopped.  I didn’t buy anything, but I can’t help but want everything in the Macy’s culinary store in the basement.

In case you want to buy this mini cast iron pot with a pig top (so cute!) it’s on sale for $50 – half of the normal price of $100!  It had a recipe for a white bean and sausage soup that sounds amazing. 😀

I love all the artwork on the walls too.  

I barely ate half of this lunch because it got cold because I was so busy, and after the second time reheating it, the beef was tough as nails.  Oh well – the noodles and veggies were good!

On the high list of my priorities this weekend as far as chores go is to deep clean my kettle grill.  I love having this chimney starter for the coals though – makes week night grilling on a Weber much quicker.

Certified Angus Beef sent me some of their frozen burgers to try out.  In one of Hannah’s deep cleaning of the freezer, she threw out the box and just kept the vacuum sealed burgers.  I defrosted the burgers but couldn’t help but wonder if they were supposed to be cooked from frozen?

I just salt and peppered the burgers and used this Rescue Rub from Code 3 Spices – so good!  

I hadn’t used any of my weekly points, so I used some last night – didn’t get a blue dot, but that’s okay in my book.  I’ve tracked every.single.thing this week.  Including alcohol! #gome!  

The burger is 6 points, the cheese 2, the bun was 3, and the ounce of chips is 4 points.  I like a tiny bit of mustard on my burgers (never ketchup!). 😀  

I’ve been non-stop at work all week, so last night decided to just relax.  I took a long shower.  I lit some candles and watched Master Chef on my DVR with a glass of wine.  It was so nice!  

In the last few years Tony was alive, he used to surprise me with flowers out of the blue for no reason.  When I was at the farmers market yesterday, I saw bins and bins of gorgeous cut flowers and thought “why not buy some for me?!”  So I did.  This was only $6 and I’ll bring them home over the weekend to enjoy at home.

Such simple things I did yesterday to love myself – the hot shower, the candles, the flowers.  

What are you going to do this weekend to love yourself?!

Happy Friday my friends – make it a great day!