I remember in January one night in the last year of Tony’s death.  It was cold outside.  I had my hair pulled up, no makeup, oversized sweats on. Positive there were stains on my sweat shirt.  Tony was going to stay up but I was tired and going to bed, so I walked over to him, gave a kiss goodnight, and he said “when did you give up.” 

I was like, “what?”  He asked what happened to the woman who used to wear pretty nightgowns to bed, or put make up on before work, and really cared about how I looked.  I was shocked to say the least.  But you know how it is when you’ve been married for years and years, you get comfortable, and, well, it’s just easier not to do anything.

But my friend Tia (hey girl – enjoy your day off!) always has these beauty rituals before going to bed and shows her makeup tips going to work.  People I follow on their stories talk about their face masks, and beauty tips and tricks and well, I’ve just never been that girly of a girl if you know what I mean.

Seriously, in high school my twin sister would be up for over an hour, changing outfits, fixing her hair and makeup.  Me?  As soon as her boyfriend honked the horn to pick us up was when I would roll out of bed.  I’d change my underwear, 9/10 wear the same shirt I slept in to bed and just washed my face and brushed my teeth and I was ready to go.  She’d get so pissed if people got us confused!

But here’s the thing.  Tomorrow will be one month since I’ve done my laundry.  I know – I am not like Courtney and do a load a day (someday = goals!) (and go check out her chopped Italian salad – yum!)

So I’ve been forced to wear the things that I wasn’t comfortable wearing.  Like shiny tank tops and shirts that are form fitting like the one below.  But here’s the thing – it was like the domino effect. If I wore a nice shirt, that meant I had to fix my hair, makeup and wear jewelry.

The reaction at work was instantaneous, which made me realize it doesn’t take all that much effort to make an effort.  Ya know?!

So I am going to make more of an effort.  But promise, I’ll do my laundry this weekend!

I was so busy at work yesterday, my eats were off – banana at 9:30, ricotta toast at 2:30 and a leftover roast beef sandwich in my panini maker at home at 8:00.  

I’ll be going to Weight Watchers tomorrow – I was going to go to a WW event in Lincoln Park tomorrow, but the heat index is supposed to be near 115, so we’ll see.  Maybe that’s God’s way of making me stay inside and doing my laundry! 😛

Happy Friday my friends – make it a great day!