Breakfast nachos were on the menu yesterday for breakfast – so easy and delicious.  Only one tiny problem.  I forgot that I brought home my cheddar cheese that I usually keep in my work fridge – but the day before I tossed it back in my lunch bag.  How can you have any type of nachos without cheese?  Well guess what – you can shred a cheese stick.  And in case you were wondering, yes I have a cheese grater at work.  I had to be careful, but it worked!  

I had six tortilla chips (3) topped with scrambled eggs, spinach and ham (1) then topped it with the shredded cheese stick (1) and nuked it for about 20 seconds – you don’t want to microwave a cheese stick too long otherwise it just gets really gummy, not melty.  And hot sauce, duh.

breakfast nachos

It was a gorgeous day in Chicago yesterday – around 70 degrees and sunny, so my sister and I walked the River Walk.  I don’t talk politics much on this blog, or in conversations for that matter, because it’s just all messed up.  But I think you’ll understand where I stand with this photo below.

I got many high fives on that picture in direct messages on Instagram, and also a ton of DM’s telling me they loved my nail color!  #love – its OPI and this is what it is:

The River Walk is so pretty – we keep saying we are going to hang out there for happy hour and we never do.  We need to fix that!  

I also want to take Hannah and Jacob on the SeaDog boat – it goes so fast and I haven’t done that in probably 15 years for a work event.

Alright, can we talk about these balls?!  I know it’s a bold statement to say that these are the best chicken meatballs, but they are the best I’ve made.  And I’ve made a lot of meatballs over the years. 

Okay – you get the idea.  I love having balls in my mouth.  But seriously, by adding just 3 ounces of full fat hot Italian sausage to this mix, it makes all the difference.  They are tender, juicy and spicy!  And there is only 4 tablespoons of “filler” – some recipes call for up to a cup of bread crumbs!  Because this is a “wet” mixture, after I mixed the meatball ingredients together, I put it in the fridge for 30 minutes before cooking the meatballs – they held their shape and the extra 30 minutes let the parmesan cheese and bread crumbs soak into the meat mixture.


I served my balls with 1 point of marinara sauce, 1/2 cup of cooked pasta (3) and zucchini noodles.  So delicious!!  That was actually half of the food that I brought, but there was a reason for that. I was playing softball, so I had to up my blood sugar so I wouldn’t tank during the game.  You know, me being such an athlete and all.

So around 4:30 I ate the remainder of my balls, and another 1/2 cup of pasta without insulin.  When I finished the game, my blood sugar was 89 – perfect!  It was 250 at the beginning of the game.

If you follow me on Instagram, you can check out my story and my walk from my office to the game.  When I stopped here my first thought was “I could really go for a Chicago hot dog right now!” 

I finally got someone to cover night secretary on Wednesday’s so there won’t be a conflict in playing – yeah!  It was my first game of the season.  I will tell you I was a bit apprehensive to play – I am out of shape, probably 15 pounds heavier than I was last year and well, I used to be a really good softball player.  I have to remind myself sometimes that I am 50 years old!

But guess what?  I cold still run the bases, I was 3 for 4 hits, and I got 4 RBIs.  We won by slaughter rule 16-1 in 4 innings.  I will continue to wear my Certified Angus Beef hat – I think it will be my lucky hat!

The game ended at 6:30, but my next train wasn’t until 7:30, but I was a good mile and half away from the train station, so I took a leisurely walk back to the train.  Check out this camera store – in business since 1899!

I had a bag of veggie chips on the train ride home with water.  I was really hungry around 7:30, but by the time I got home, I was kind of over it.  Well, that is until I drove by Burger King and thought “a quarter pounder with fries sounds awesome right now!”  But it was nearing 9:15 by the time I started fixing dinner, and the thought of having something heavy before going to bed was not appealing at all.

I love these Taylor Farms salad mixes – not only for salads, but they work perfect for a quick stir fry.  I buy them at Sam’s Club for about $2.25 a bag, but I’ve seen them at Walmart too. 

I chopped up 1/2 a cup of my penne pasta, scrambled an egg in the pan, added a cup of the chopped salad, put a lid on it for about a minute, then topped it off with a tablespoon of stir fry sauce and sriracha, and dinner was ready in about 5 minutes. 

Then topped with a bit of seaweed powder and toasted sesame seeds and this hit the spot.  



Check out my steps for the day!  Pretty impressive for getting that many steps with a desk job. 😀  It helps though that one of my bosses works on a different floor though.

It’s rainy and cool today – it would have been a nice day to get bizzy in my kitchen, but turns out that doesn’t pay the bills (yet!) so off to work I go.  

Make it a great day!