I am just used to eating breakfast at my desk.  Not that I couldn’t figure out a grab and go breakfast to eat on my hour train ride to work, but it just works for me.  Er, well, it usually works for me.  Until I walk in the door and work starts right away, and I don’t put my breakfast together until 10:45 like yesterday morning.

Hannah and Jacob bought this multi-grain bread at Aldi, not sure what it’s called, but its hearty, slightly sweet and 3 points a slice.  I topped it with scrambled eggs, 1/2 ounce of cheese (2), ham (1) and chopped romaine with strawberries on the side.  

After our heat wave, temps were back in the low 60s when I left the house.  I saw several women like the one if front of me already sporting a fall look with the drop in temps – it got hot though by the end of the day so I hope this girl wasn’t too hot!

Jenn texted me and asked if I minded going to Mariano’s on our lunch walk.  Um, duh.  I puffy heart that store!  I wrote a quick list of stuff to get to get me through the rest of the work week.  It was 72 degrees when we left on our walk – perfect!

We both forgot out sunglasses 😛

I spent $27 at the grocery store, which included that piece of chicken from the hot bar on my plate below, a bag of tortilla chips, a box of Corn Thins, zucchini, rainbow baby carrots, ground chicken breast, Italian sausage, etc.  

On Saturday when I was grilling the brisket and it was taking a bit longer than expected, and I could tell people were like “um, did you invite us over to eat or just watch you grill?!”   I did a quick survey of what I had in my pantry, and this refried bean dip was born.  It’s so simple!  Feel free to adapt with whatever you have on hand.


Jenn and I tried to find pumpernickle Tumaro wraps when we were at Mariano’s and they thought they were on the International aisle.  Huh.  We didn’t find those, but I did find these red and green corn tortillas.  How fun do they look?  I trimmed 2 ounces of the grilled brisket from the weekend – I’ll end up freezing some to make Italian beef sandwiches later.  It’s still super tender.  I trimmed off the fat on top and got this delicious pile of beef for my brisket tacos.

I cut off the corn from one ear of corn, and chopped up pickled jalapenos.  I sauteed that for about 2 minutes with a teaspoon of taco seasoning, then tossed the beef in at the end.

Tip:  You need to microwave corn tortillas before you stuff them to make them pliable.  I added 1/2 ounce of cheese between the tortillas.

Divided the corn/jalapeno/beef mixture in between the tortillas, then pan fried them in Pam spray.

How pretty is this dinner plate – so many colors!

I stuffed the tacos with baby spinach, Tapatio hot sauce and chobani yogurt for sour cream.  #yum

This plate came in a 7 points and was super filling.

While I was making dinner, as soon as I brought the beef out, Rummy and Roman were at my feet.  I mentioned brisket in my Instastory and my blog/Instafriend Rhonda sent me this picture of her Boston Terrier Steve – he wanted brisket too!  Not just frozen green beans. 😛

I’ve been killing it on the steps lately – I think the third day in a row over 15k.  And tonight I have a softball game, so that will add a mile walk to the softball field and probably a 1.5 walk to the train after the game.  

We’ve made it to Wednesday friends – make it a great day!!