When I first saw one of the WW Ambassadors post a sweet potato breakfast bowl, the thought of it almost made me want to throw up in my mouth a bit.  Sweet potatoes?  For breakfast?!  But then the idea took off, and it seemed every morning for the last few weeks every time I went on Instagram, someone was tagging Kerri (ww_kerri on Instagram) giving her kudos for coming up with this idea.

She’s doing Whole 30 while on Weight Watchers – she’s lost 100 pounds but wanted to switch it up a bit.  I am pretty sure my sweet potato bowl is not Whole 30 compliant – I used reduced fat Jif peanut butter (which I believe may have added sugar?) and the honey roasted chick peas probably wouldn’t make the cut.

All I know was that this bowl was delicious and I could definitely eat this a couple times a week.  Kept me full for hours.

1/2 cup sweet potato, cooked (3) I just microwaved it on baked potato setting and let it cool on my counter overnight.  Two teaspoons reduced fat Jif peanut butter (2) mango, strawberries, blueberries and 1/2 a packet of honey roasted chick peas (2).   7 delicious points!  So I apologize Kerri for doubting you.  Mom, I think you’d like this breakfast!

These are the chick pea snacks I used.  As I was getting off the train yesterday I realized I was missing a “crunch” factor for my sweet potato bowl – 1/2 of this packet was 2 points and was the perfect addition to the bowl.  The best part is that it really is customizable with what you have on hand- throw some slivered almonds, I’ve seen people add coconut flakes – the possibilities are endless!

You better believe Jenn and I got our walking shoes on at lunch.  50 degrees and puffy clouds with blue skies – yes!  Seems we’ve been waiting so long for this.

We had some company on our walk – these geese looked as if they were just taking a leisurely stroll down the river walk.  They make me nervous though – they may look cute, but I think they could rip your face off.

This is a shitty picture, but this my friends, is Jessica’s “our favorite” bolognese that I made (sans the meat) that I turned the leftovers into tomato soup!  I just realized I never put my version of her recipe on my blog post last week – I’ll have to take care of that.  But I basically took the 3 cups of sauce that was leftover and mixed it with two cups of beef broth and a bit of crushed red pepper.  It was delicious!  I brought a sandwich to go with it because this soup is basically 3 points, but I wasn’t hungry for it.

I’m still using up stuff from my fridge and freezer.  The best part about the Jennie-O tubed chorizo sausage is that the sell by date is pretty long – about 3 weeks after opening.  I always buy a rotisserie chicken each week, so used 2 points of the chorizo sausage and mixed that with rotisserie chicken breast and an ounce of Trader Joe’s mozzarella cheese (3) and used 3 corn tortillas (4) and Pam fried them until crisp.  I’ll need to add that as a highlight on my Instagram because I get asked all the time after I post crispy tacos – “how do you get them crispy?!”


Jennie-O chorizo tacos

I cooked them in the same pan that I cooked the chorizo and chicken, so these were extra crispy.  I could literally eat tacos every day and not be mad about it.  

After dinner, I changed my clothes and went to the gym!  I didn’t want to overdo it, since I am literally just getting over my bronchitis.  I cannot tell you how awesome it feels not to cough anymore.  This picture was taken at 7:40 – and in case you are wondering, I did pull off the side of the road.  I don’t drive and take pictures or do stories while driving.  It always makes me nervous when I see people doing Instastories while driving.  (Tia, I am looking at you!) šŸ˜€

Oh hello Planet Fitness . . .

I did two miles on the treadmill on 4% incline and just 3.5 mph pace (before my 5 minute cool down).  Then I did 15 minutes of upper body.

I am a Black Card member of Planet Fitness, so I get access to the hydro beds, massage chairs, I can go to any Planet Fitness, unlimited guest passes.  I forgot how much I enjoy the hydro bed.  It’s basically like a water massage – you can control how hard the water jets are, where you want to target – like you could only do your lower legs or your shoulders the whole time.  I prefer from my calves to my shoulders (I found that I didn’t like the massage on my neck).  It lasts 8 minutes, and I just put on really calm music on Spotify and close my eyes and relax.  Glorious!

Check out those steps!

I had a great day.  I didn’t eat anything that I hadn’t planned on, drank about 60 ounces of water (working on it!), no wine or any night time eating at all.  Well, it helped that I didn’t get home from the gym until after 9.  I went to bed at 10:15 and woke up at 6:45 this morning – nice!   I just decided I was in control of what I did yesterday, and it felt good!

This popped up on my timehop – I’ve loved how many IRL meetings I’ve met with other bloggers.  I can’t believe this was 3 years ago already!  One of my favorite posts of Ally’s is her meal plan for 5 people shopping only at ALDI for $170 for two weeks of meals!  Go check it out here.

Happy Tuesday my friends – make it a great day!  

Question of the Day:  Would you eat sweet potatoes for breakfast?!