Show of hands if you can have breakfast for dinner?  Did you grow up with having breakfast for dinner?  I know that breakfast for dinner was a special occasion, and most likely it was probably all my Mom had to cook up before doing another grocery run.

Bolthouse Farms sent me their B Strong Protein smoothies about a week ago.  I was in the midst of my bronchitis (still lingering, but I feel better!), and hadn’t tried one yet.   Hannah and Jacob love them.  Jacob takes one to work and drinks it on the way in – so far his favorite is the sweet green made from apple, cucumber and kiwi – Hannah’s is duh – coffee!

All of the drinks have about 50-70% less sugar than the other prepared smoothies on the market, (which I love being diabetic) and have about 16 grams of protein per bottle.  They are a little point heavy for me though – about 7 points per bottle.

I still have to keep in mind that 7 points is only 190 calories, but I decided to use the vanilla smoothie to make waffles the other night for dinner.

The batter was so fluffy!  Just by adding a tablespoon to 1.5 cups of the smoothie makes a buttermilk.  Just let it sit for 5 minutes to thicken up before adding it to the dry ingredients.

I got 6 big waffles for 5 points, or 3 points for half.  I typically use half to make a breakfast sandwich.  I don’t typically cook the waffles 100% – you can see they are still a bit “blonde.”  That’s because I know I’ll be toasting them in the toaster later, if I cooked them any longer in the waffle maker, they would be hockey pucks by the time I toasted them.

I will be having this same thing for breakfast this morning – yum!


Bolthouse Farms Protein Waffles


Hannah and I are obsessing over these mini banana breads.  If you haven’t seen the 2 ingredient banana bread going around Instagram – so many people are making the bread.  But just looking at them, I didn’t think they looked like “bread.”  It looked like a baked banana thing in the shape of bread.   I am forever adding ingredients to the 2-ingredient recipes on the internet – and just by adding a couple tablespoons of flour and some baking powder – these are amazeballs.  Each one is only 3 points (well, I was a little heavy handed with the chocolate chips on this one, so mine is 4!) but with no added sugar, these are delicious.   You can find my recipe here.

Hooray!  We finally had a nice day yesterday!  Even though Jenn is getting over a sinus infection, and my bronchitis is hanging on, we had to take advantage and walked the river walk.

Jenn was my super model for this pic.  Thanks girl!

I brought my three bean jalalpeno corn soup from my freezer for lunch.   I wanted some chips or something to go with it, and as soon as my sister saw that I could have 24 bite size chips for 4 points – sold!  My soup is only 3 points for 1.5 cups, so with my cheese, lunch came in at 8 points.


I defrosted a pork chop for dinner and decided to make fries on the side. 

Here is how I figure out the points for homemade fries.  I weigh the fries when they come out of the fryer – my serving was 3 ounces for 2 points, then I add a point for the oil.  Simple!

While I won’t win any awards in the food photography department, this was a delicious dinner.  I did a boneless pork chop in my cast iron skillet and made a quick mustard pan sauce with horseradish mustard, coconut water and a bit of corn starch.  Yum!

I can’t believe it’s Thursday already!  I was so happy no one signed up for night secretary.  Makes all the difference when I get home at a decent hour.

But after dinner, I wanted to eat ALL.THE.THINGS.  Like full on binge mode.  But guess what?  I didn’t have anything to really binge on.  Our pantry is full of rice and potatoes and canned goods.  I seriously almost got in my car to run to CVS to get gummies and pringles.  But cooler heads prevailed.  I waited it out – and seriously the urge was over in about 20 minutes.  

Why though?!  

Happy Thursday my friends – make it a great day!