I want to thank everyone who left a comment, texted me, messaged me on Facebook, etc. about my Anniversary yesterday.  I would be sitting at my desk and every time I saw a notification on my phone, it was like getting a hug – thank you!

I am having trouble again getting my photos off my phone – every time I plug in my phone to my computer, it pops up “no new images” when I know there are pictures there.  In any event, I went to WW yesterday to weigh in – I hadn’t been in three weeks!  I haven’t been doing as well as I could have been, obviously December is an emotional month for me, so I was pleasantly surprised that I lost .2!  I thought for sure I’d have a gain of five pounds!  But I think because of Weight Watchers, I am more aware – and most of my meals are definitely WW friendly, it’s the wine and in between stuff that gets me.  I really need to focus on the “other” stuff going into 2017!

I may post my eats when I get to work, just to be accountable, but I wanted to share some fun Christmas cards with you.  I first met Christina in 2008 via our respective blogs.  I loved her cooking style, and her sense of humor.  She was the very first blogger I met in real life (Mara was there too!) back in 2009.  You can see the recap in this post here.  We met a couple more times before she and her husband moved back to North Carolina where she is from originally.  She’s now married, and has the most beautiful daughter.

I am so happy she’s happy being a Momma – seeing her daughter grow is one of my favorite things to see on Instagram.  But what I LOVE about Christina and her husband is that they have THE BEST Christmas cards. 

UPDATE: I apologize that I never thought that Christina’s privacy may be compromised by putting her Christmas Cards on my blog, so at her request (sorry Christina!) I am removing them.


I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday.  I plan to get some exercise in, do some last minute shopping (um, I mean start shopping!) for Hannah and Jacob, and then just have a relaxing weekend.  I plan to spend time in my kitchen making treats for family gifts that I am shipping next week – I figure if they get there before the new year I am good.

Merry Christmas!