I have received several comments telling me that I should stop worrying about my weight, and if I am happy with my life, why don’t I just focus on the positives.  Which I do, but I know I will feel better at least 25 pounds less – then I can happily maintain that weight.

Since being back “on” Tuesday, I didn’t know what my weigh in would be, but was thrilled to see -1.2!  I love more in the last four days of the week than I did the previous three weeks!  So this week will be the true test after going back to 30 for a full week.

Saturday I spent part of my day cooking for my friend MaryBeth and her family – they just adopted their fourth baby (4 kids now under the age of 6!) so I signed up for their meal train to provide a meal for them tonight.  Um, turns out I like to cook, so I may have made them a lot of food – I figure if they don’t have freezer space they can keep the food outside since it’s still so cold here.

Saturday night we had a memorial party for Jacob’s grandma.  If you remember, she passed away on December 2 (the same day Tony died) but Saturday was her birthday so we had a nice buffet dinner and closet to 80 people fought the snow and cold to make it.  She was rich with friends and some of the stories I heard wished I had known her long enough to know her better.

Below is a picture of her when she was I think 17, right before she got pregnant with Jacob’s Mom.  Jacob’s Mom also had kids young, and I believe she had her first grandchild when she was 39?!  I don’t know if it’s because his grandparents, parents, and brother had kids so young, that Jacob vowed that would never happen to him.  I am not sure Hannah and Jacob even want kids, but who knows?

It was a fun night, and I think I ended up with 53 points for the day on Saturday – good thing my weekly points started over on Saturday!

One of the dishes I made for MaryBeth and her family is chicken tikka masala – which is a dish I know she and her husband love.  You can’t really have chicken tikka masala without naan bread, right?!

I took a Jamie Oliver recipe and tweaked it a bit – I still think yeast adds to the flavor, even if this is not a dough that has to rise.   I also added baking powder, which I don’t think I’ve added to naan bread recipes I’ve done in the past.

The dough is so light!!



I made a bit extra tikka masala to have for my lunch – so good!  I tweaked my marinade recipe a bit and will post this recipe later this week – best one yet!

Hannah’s friend Mel and her son came over and spent the afternoon with us.  They have these sushi making parties about once a month, they are both in love with sushi.  My sister bought her sushi knives for Christmas and it’s the first time she used them – the sushi cut like buttah.

As a thank you for the party on Saturday night, Jacob’s grandpa took us out to dinner last night, which was sweet.  I got a Stella on tap (5) and ate half of a swiss mushroom burger (10) and a bit of saganaki (3),

Hannah wanted to know if my burger was cooked – ha – love a medium rare/rare burger!

And I still have 11 weeklies left for the week – so no problem staying on track this week.  

We have more deep freeze today, but hope to warm up to 40 by the middle of the week, then temps in the 30s – I’ll take that.  Hopefully it will melt all our snow.  All told, I think my town got about 14 inches of snow from Thursday through Sunday morning.

I know today will be busy with the snow day on Friday so I’ll just keep my head down and power through. 

Happy Monday – make it a great day friends!