I appreciate everyone who commented about going back to the old WW ways – whether commenting here, on Connect, or DM.  I am quite shocked that a couple people who shall remain anonymous, just flat out said to me “just eat less food.”  

I am going to shake those few negative comments off like Taylor Swift and move on.  Everyone’s journey is different and I will find my way one way or another.

I had time to make oatmeal before going to work – I hardly ever microwave oatmeal, but this was delicious.  Just make sure you cook the oatmeal in a big enough bowl – I actually use my 4 cup measure because it puffs up when it cooks, and let me tell you, cleaning oatmeal from your microwave is not fun!  

I made a cup of oatmeal, but decided to start with eating half a cup with my fruit and this was delicious and kept me satisfied.

I finally met up with my sister to get our steps in at lunch after missing each other for a couple days because of our schedules.  It was funny because when we walk and talk, we might walk the same floor several times before going higher, and a worker at Macy’s stopped us after our third lap and asked “can I help you find what you are looking for?”  Ha – no shopping, just stealing your giant store for steps. πŸ˜€

I totally wanted to buy this shirt (Lori, I thought of you!) but not at $32.  I’ll have to spin my luck and see if something like that shows up at Goodwill. πŸ˜€  It was so soft!

I brought a leftover piece of chicken for lunch with some rice, but wanted to add something else, so I picked up this side salad at Frontera Grill on the 7th floor Macy’s food court.  When I got back to work however, things got super busy and I didn’t pull the salad out for a couple hours – 1.  I didn’t realize the salad was dressed already, so the greens were soggy, and pretty fucking sure I didn’t see red onion on the ingredient list of this salad – the bottom of the salad was chock full of them – and I never had time to add the chicken. πŸ™

I only worked 30 minutes late, so was on the last express train home.  And guess what?  Decided it was party pizza Thursday!  This whole pizza was 12 points – 5 points for 1/4 of my skinny pizza dough (that’s 5 points both on freestyle and #backto30), 3 points for the pepperoni (for only 1/2 an ounce – but so good!), 2 points for the sausage, and 2 points for the 2 ounces of lite mozzarella cheese.

I have had at least half a dozen people buy the Baking Steel in the last couple weeks – love it!  A couple things though – I always use parchment paper to transfer my pizza to and from the steel, and make sure your steel is really hot – preheat the oven with it in there, and I usually let it go another 10 minutes or so after it hits 425 degrees.

I went to bed at my normal 10:30, and at midnight was woken by a text – that my office was closed today!!  We maybe have 8 inches of snow, but it’s supposed to snow all day today, so I don’t mind having a 3 day weekend at all.

Here are my Friday Favorites this week!  I used to do this on the blog a very long time ago, and decided to bring it back.  There is just so much out there on the web these days!

  1.  My co-workers daughter has an amazing blog called Well Rounded Fashion and I’ve only looked around a bit, but I love it.  It’s all about being confident in the body you have right now, even if it’s not where you want to be.  Love your blog Keri!
  2. My friend Tia has a new YouTube Channel up!  If you don’t follow her blog Forever Orchard, you should (follow her on Insta too because she’s fucking funny!).  She and her husband struggled with infertility for five years and have recently closed that chapter on starting her family, so she’s spreading her wings and voice on YouTube.  Be sure to subscribe!
  3. My friend Tina made a delicious Shrimp and Sausage Gumbo that looks amazeballs.  
  4. My friend Nicole made Korean Beef Bowls that are going on my menu this week – yum!
  5. You guys know how much I love balls in my mouth (!) so check out Ally’s round up of 35 meatball recipes!  I am sure you’ll find a ball to put in your mouth.

I have an unexpected snow day today!  My mind is racing with all the things I can cook in my kitchen today.  Although a lot of it will be given away.  My friend MaryBeth and her husband Josh just adopted their fourth child (the last two children are only 10 months apart in age – two babies under the age of 1) and I signed up for their meal train someone organized for them and Monday is my day to drop off food.  

It will probably be enough food for days, but I don’t mind!  I am making them my buffalo chicken chili, chicken tikka masala with homemade naan, homemade mac n cheese for the kiddos, and probably a batch or two of pumpkin scones.  

Hope everyone has a fabulous Friday – make it a great day!