Wow, was this post a hot mess this morning!  Let’s make this a bit better, mkay?

Since I made the potato breakfast muffins that reminded me of potato biscuits, well, I’ve had biscuits on my brain.  Tuesday night when I got home from work, I got Bizzy in My Kitchen, trying to stay out of Hannah’s way – she was on a mission making dinner for her, Jacob and Jacob’s grandpa.  What they were having didn’t fit into my meal plan that day, so I happily kept to my corner of the kitchen and made these biscuits. 

You need a bowl, the ingredients, and a fork to blend.  That’s it.  No dragging out the food processor or anything like that.  The first batch I used coconut cream which Hannah bought when they were both doing keto – that was my fat for the biscuits, and only used a tablespoon.

The first two bites of the biscuits were heaven, until that third bite, and I was like “what the hell is that taste?!”  I looked on the container the coconut cream was in . . . um, it expired in early October 2017.  It also had too much baking soda too.

I quickly redid the recipe, this time adding butter instead of the coconut cream because I figured everyone would have that, and reduced the amount of baking soda, and second batch?  Literally delicious #legitness! 

I rolled the dough out into a rectangle, divided the dough into 8 seconds, quickly rolled them into balls and put them in my cast iron skillet.  


I am a huge fan of McDonalds breakfast biscuit, but not at 21 points. My biscuits are only 4 points and with egg whites, spinach and cheese, breakfast was 5 points.

I toasted the biscuit at work so it tasted like it just came out of the oven.

These would freeze really well too – just take a frozen one out of the freezer, toss it in your bag and it will defrost in no time.  #mealplan


Work was busy, so I only got a 30 minute break to eat my soup. Lasagna soup except I forgot to bring the noodles so lunch was only 3 points.

Anyone heard of jackfruit? It’s a fruit that once cooked, shreds like chicken. I had jackfruit tacos on my menu and was a bit skeptical looking at this coming out of the can.

I cooked it with a bit of water and taco seasoning to start and figured once it was able to shred that it was “done.” I took one bite and tasted …nothing. Only taco seasoning!

But at only 1 point a cup, I was able to jack it up (get it!) and added corn, baby spinach mix and cheese and I really loved these tacos.

I could only eat two and I was full. On the side is a mashed bean dish made by cooking down white beans with lime, and chili lime seasoning, then mashing with a potato masher. Zero point side šŸ™ŒšŸ»

Hannah ate her dinner chips and dip style and said “let’s make this again!” #winning

And because Roman is so cute, I’ll leave you with this picture.

But make these biscuits – they are legitimately delicious = #legitness

Make it a great day!