I guess the most positive thing about not having my wine at night is that I am WAY more productive!  I guess I considered drinking wine an activity, so I was busy drinking wine, no?! Open-mouthed smile

I signed up for my 75 minute hot yoga in the middle of last week and I wasn’t sure how to prepare for it diabetes wise.  My sister told her friend at work that she never eats anything before doing hot yoga because she feels likes she wants to puke.  Well, there was no way I was going in without some sort of energy, so I got up at 7:15 and had a small coffee and an English muffin with peanut butter on it.  Note to you all – if I had had cocktails on Friday night, there was no way in hell I was getting up at 7:15 in the morning on the weekend!

I brought my yoga mat that I got from one of my beef trips and some towels.  I wasn’t sure how sweaty I was going to be.  The studio was on the second floor of a boutique fitness center.  When I walked in there were four other women there – all in their early 20s, which made me really nervous that maybe I signed up for the wrong class?  For the record, this was only my THIRD yoga class of my life.  But I had some time before I started and looked it up on my phone and clear as day it said “for beginners and intermediate yoga.”  Whew.

PicMonkey Collage

I thought it was quite ironic that I was using my beef yoga mat!  And Kris, I LOVE the lulu lemon head band you gave me, my hair stayed out of my eyes the whole time.  And now I realize why I have bangs – holy cow do I have a big forehead!  Those toesox?  Love.  I asked my Mom for them for Christmas.  As I diabetic I am not supposed to walk around barefoot – the possibility is that I may step on something, not feel it and it could get infected.  I wear these around the house, but they are also perfect for yoga.  The grips on the bottom kept my feet in the right spot for downward dog.  Look at me, already spewing out yoga terms!  Namaste!

Well, let me tell you, yoga is hard.  I knew I wasn’t very flexible going in, but holy balls, some of the moves I was like “what the what?!”  But the teacher was nice.  Made modifications (I am sure for me) if needed.  She would say things like “if it’s available to you, go ahead and go to the next step by standing on your head and balancing with your legs straight up in the air.”  Yeah, that wasn’t happening, but I have to tell you, the heated room, all the stretching and having cool acoustic music, the 75 minutes went by really fast.  I would definitely do it again.  Since I got the “newcomer” price, I’ll have to see what it costs regularly, but I could see that being a new Saturday routine for me.  I love that I tried something outside my normal comfort zone – you just never know!

And my blood sugar was just fine – I wanted it a little bit high just in case.  It was 227 going in and when I was done dropped to 140.  Perfect!


My store had porterhouse steaks and t-bone steaks for $7 a pound.  That’s a crazy ridiculous price.  I bought a porterhouse for Jacob (his was 1.1 pound), and a t-bone (mine was 1 pound) for me.  Hannah had a tofu stirfry!   I marinated the beef in my best beef marinade and let them marinate on the counter for an hour to let the beef get to room temp.  Never cook beef fridge to fire – it will cause your meat to be tough, every single time.  The steaks were so big, I had to cook them one at a time.  Since these were really thick, I ended up cooking them 2 1/2 minutes for the first two flips, then 2 minutes each additional flip.  Let it rest for about 5 minutes and they were perfect medium rare.

WE1.10.16 034

WE1.10.16 051

I wish my kitchen didn’t have such god awful lighting, because this was an amazing piece of beef.  And while Jacob ate all of his down to the bone, I ate about 4 ounces and the left will be used later this week for a steak and egg white omelet for breakfast and a steak stirfry for lunch.  Cook once, eat three times!  Love it.


The last time I met up with my friend Jacky, (um, which was already two months ago – crazy!) she gave me some of her homemade chorizo seasoning.   I used it right when I got it, but in typical Biz fashion it quickly got pushed to the back of my seasoning cabinet.  Thankfully once Hannah and I organized the spices last week, the chorizo seasoning was found and I decided to make homemade breakfast pork sausage.  The ground pork was also found in my freezer ala Hannah’s cleaning pants!

WE1.10.16 067

WE1.10.16 074

So good!  Just a slight kick of spiciness and the crust was really good.  And I’ll have leftovers for later this week.  #winning!


Hannah and Jacob belong to the local Y because as students it’s only $25 a month.  I can go as their guest six times a year.  It was so cold yesterday – it’s finally starting to feel like winter in Chicagoland – but I am not complaining – it’s been so mild so far.  I did a 35 minute run on the treadmill, then did 20 laps in the pool and finished it off in the hot tub.  Or as I like to call it a “sleep” tub.  I always get so sleepy in there, but it feels so good!

By the time we left it was nearly 4 p.m. and having not had anything to eat since breakfast, we were hangry!  We stopped at our local taco place on the way home – I got the two steak taco plate with beans.  I ate half the beans and one taco and brought the second taco home – go me!  I normally wouldn’t have thought twice to clean my plate, but I was satisfied so I stopped.

WE1.10.16 080

WE1.10.16 085


I am happy to report that my no alcohol is still going strong.  On that Happier podcast I’ve been listening to, one episode talked about if you were an abstainer or a moderator.  Abstaining meaning you just cut something completely out, where as a moderator can pick and choose on the 80/20 percentage and decide when to indulge.  While she said while most people think that the abstainer is too strict on themselves, they are really taking the lazy way out.  Which I couldn’t agree with more.  So instead of me thinking “should I have a glass of wine with dinner” “should I order a beer at the Bulls game” I’ve taken the lazy way out and decided to cut it out altogether so that it becomes a non-issue.  There’s nothing to debate because I already declared January an alcohol free month with my step-son.  And it seems to be working!  And Joe is going strong too Open-mouthed smile

Another thing I curbed over the weekend?  Night time snacking.  I decided that I can only eat at home at the dining room table with no distractions, i.e. iphone, tablet, etc.  Obviously dinner is fine because I am eating dinner with Hannah and Jacob.  But on Friday night around 9:30 I thought I felt snacky even though I knew I wasn’t hungry, and thought how stupid it would look for me to be eating cheese and crackers on a plate at the dining room table by myself, and I quickly got over it.


It’s nice to know that I have the ability to modify my behavior!  I also went to bed on the weekend the same time I do on the week days which also made a world of difference.  It wouldn’t have been unusual for me to watch movies until 1:30 in the morning on the weekends and to not wake up until 11 or later the next day.  Both days this weekend I got a shit ton of stuff done all before 11:00 a.m., which also makes the weekend feel longer.

I hope you all had a great weekend.  We’ll be bitter cold for the next couple days.  Right now it’s –1 and with the wind chill feels like –15.  That’s the Chicago January I know!  And since I didn’t win the Powerball on Saturday, I’ll just wait until Wednesday to pick up my 1.3 billion dollars!

Make it a great day!