This Waffle Breakfast Sandwich.  If I owned a food truck, a waffle sandwich would be on it.  Make seasonal waffles, top with salty ham or bacon, velvety egg whites, salty cheese, crushed red pepper for a kick and sugar free panacke syrup.  The pumpkin waffle is crispy from the toaster (4), the ham (1) and reduced fat Swiss Lorraine (2) is salty, the crushed red pepper gives the egg whites (1) a little spice kick, and then finished off with the syrup (1).   A delicious and filling 8 point breakfast.

Waffle Sandwich (32)

Wish this was a better photo, but so this was so good.  I am going to try making apple waffles this weekend.

Waffle Sandwich (26)

I haven’t seen my sister all week because of our work schedules which sucks.  Even without my walk at lunch with her I am still averaging 12k steps a day.  She texted me at 12:20 asking if I could walk – I didn’t see it for 10 minutes, then texted her back and didn’t hear from her, so just headed to her office.   I surprised her!  She’d been away from her desk and didn’t see my text.  Anywho, we checked out a new food hall near her office.

Waffle Sandwich (17)

So many options!  Jeff Mauro’s Pork and Mindy’s, pizza, sushi, high end sandwich shop, soup and salad bar.  I brought pot roast from home, so decided to get ingredients to make an autumnal salad.  Um, do you see that charred cauliflower up there?  Amazing!  I am going to try that over the weekend.

Waffle Sandwich (10)

My sister had a bit off the charcuterie board.  How pretty does that look?! 

Waffle Sandwich (39)

And Jenn, if yoiu want to go back and buy me these peppers for Christmas, that would be great – thanks!  Jacky, I actually thought of you when I saw these!  They also had roasted delicata squash, and my sister agreed to try some.  This salad screams fall!  Mixed greens, egg whites, banana peppers, charred cauliflower, roasted delicata squash, leftover pot roast (I heated the last three ingredients before topping my salad) and used Bolthouse Farms creamy Caesar dressing.  My guess is this salad is only 7 points.

Waffle Sandwich (7)

I got busy right when I got back from lunch and later saw my phone and nearly peed my pants I started laughing so hard – I guess she doesn’t have the palate for good food like I do. šŸ˜›

Waffle Sandwich (22)

Great to see you Jenn – are we going to lunch today??  #foodfunfriday

Waffle Sandwich (14)

My roommates are going on a mini honeymoon!  They are leaving for Denver for a long weekend so I thought I’d take them out to dinner to celebrate.  Well, that and Hannah deep cleaned the kitchen – she’s been watching so many episodes of Flip or Flop about staging and not having clutter.  She’s now removed my knife block, my toaster, and fruit bowl (that’s in the dining room now, which I know I’ll forget about and the fruit will go bad) šŸ˜›   If I started making a mess in there I think she’s lose her shit, so we came back home to a pristine kitchen and that made her very happy.  No worries, I’ll mess it up this weekend. šŸ˜€

We went to the same restaurant that we had their wedding shower.  I ordered a half plate of spaghetti for $8.95 that came with a side salad.

Waffle Sandwich (34)

I met them there, and Hannah decided to order me a blue moon – um, how did she know I liked beer?!  My metobolic reset which starts on Monday doesn’t allow alcohol so I better enjoy it while I can. 

Waffle Sandwich (13)

I love this restaurants marianara sauce, but I asked if they could make it spicy.  Holy balls, it was literally too spicy even for me – I had a few forks of it and will morph this into something more edible this weekend – I ate a piece of bread because I’d already taken insulin for the pasta I thought I was going to eat. 

Waffle Sandwich (38)

When I got home, I weighed my leftovers – 1.6 pounds!  I’ve always told the owner of this restaurant that his prices are too low and his portions too big.  I showed him one night how many people were leaving with to go containers and that was money just walking out the door that could be in his pocket if he just cut the portion sizes in half.  I’ve seen too many episodes of Restaurant Impossible!

I am really looking forward to being by myself in my house.  Typically Hannah opens on Saturdays and Sundays and around 1:30 it’s nap time for them (they love their naps!) and the kitchen is right off their bedroom.  

I am going to see my Momma tomorrow though – not sure what we are doing yet, but looking forward to seeing her – its been a couple weeks!  

Have any fun plans this weekend – let me know!  Make it a great day šŸ˜€