Yesterday was gorgeous – while it was a chilly start, by lunch it was in the low 60s and sunny – #love.

10.26.17 002

In part of Hannah and Jacob’s meal plan, they baked up a bunch of baked potatoes (huh, wonder where they got that from!) and I knew towards the end of the week they would have food that would need to be eaten up before going bad.  I made a one ounce sausage, potato, zucchini egg scramble – while it doesn’t look pretty, it was delicious.  3 points for the potato, 2 poins for the sausage, 2 for the egg and the zucchini was obviously free πŸ˜€

10.26.17 012

One of my bosses was out of the office yesterday so I was determined to get out at lunch.  Someone posted this picture of these soup wontons from Imperial Lamian a few days ago, and I saved that post to see where this restaurant was and how close it was to my office.  It’s only 7 blocks from my office!   How gorgeous do those look!

10.26.17 009

I made my way over there, and not going to lie, my mouth started watering just thinking about these!

10.26.17 026

The interior is stunning.  I quickly grabbed the to go menu, and pointed to what I wanted – those dumplings above, and was told that was only on their dinner menu – rat farts!   The menu is quite pricy, so since what I wanted wasn’t available, I left – knowing that I will soon go there for dinner.

10.26.17 027

β€˜There is a food court in the State of Illinois building next to my office, and the shortest line was the Pita Palace.  Um, now I know why the line was short because this was awful.  The only thing that was great was the fluffy pita bread, the hummus and the rice – the “meat” was dry and while the falafel had good flavor, when I heard the microwave going to heat up my food, that should have been my clue to say “nevermind!” 

10.26.17 032

No one signed up for night secretary, and while I could have stayed, I decided to leave on time.  The work will always be there no matter how long I stay.

When I got home Jacob excitedly said “I took care of dinner!”  He knows my love of pizza, and while I had turkey burgers on my menu, I happily ate the pizza my son-in-law bought for dinner.  He got a side of giardinera, and usually they give us a small container, but they brought us a whole jar for $3!  I can put that shit on everything – so good!  

10.26.17 046

Hannah was a bit sad that I only left her one of the chocolate zucchini muffins yesterday morning and took the rest to work.  She said “tell those people to get their own fucking Mom!”  I have no idea where she gets her potty mouth from. πŸ˜›

The only difference with the ones I made the night before last was that this time I used Hershey’s special dark cocoa powder and they are even more chocolately – so good!  My tip when using zucchini in baking – make sure to squeeze out as much liquid as possible – then I toss the shredded zucchini into my dry mixture to coat – that way they will disburse in the muffin and not sink to the bottom.

10.26.17 041

Best part about this recipe?  You need a bowl and a fork to mix – that’s it!

10.26.17 042

ALWAYS bake your muffins at 400 degrees – no matter what temperature the recipe calls for – just reduce the cooking time by five minutes – this recipe is a spin off of one of banana muffin recipes that I originally baked at 375 for 22 minutes. I baked these at 400 degrees and these baked 17 minutes.  You’ll get that gorgeous muffin dome every time – promise!  I also LOVE this William Sonoma muffin tin – I bought it a few years ago with a gift card (its pricey at $33) but it is the best non-stick muffin tin I’ve ever used.  Just keep in mind this holiday season if you have a baker on your list – this is a good one to buy.

10.25.17 040

It of course was already dark when these came out of the oven, so these pics were from work.

10.26.17 018

So yummy!  I ran it through the recipe building and it comes in at 7 delicious points – definitely not an every day breakfast, but you could definitely fit it in – I didn’t eat any yesterday, but I brought one for my breakfast and am pairing it with scrambled egg whites (1) and 2 ounces of reduced fat ham (1) so breakfast will only cost me 9 points.

Let me know if you make these!  Enjoy your weekend – for the first time in a long time it’s going to be a low key weekend, and I couldn’t be happier.  Make it a great day – happy Friday!

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