It was my first full day working for three partners, but as luck would have it, one of them didn’t come in – whew!  I think I may need to rethink the idea of eating breakfast at work – it’s just that I am usually not hungry when I wake up and coffee holds me until I eat breakfast.  But I hit the ground running yesterday and didn’t put this breakfast together until nearly 10:30.  Two slices of my homemade bread (5), egg whites and spinach (1) and fresh fruit.  Oh, and hot sauce – duh. šŸ˜€

10.17.17 011

It was such a gorgeous day in Chicago I didn’t care what was going on at work, I was going to get outside.  I met my sister and our friend Jenny and we went to the smaller farmers market which is on Adams and Monroe.  I bought an ear of corn, another potato squash (I am going to cook up all my squash I have tonight!) some fresh green beans and the best thing of all – bloody mary mix from River Valley Ranch Kitchens.  It’s so good!!

I am pretty sure purple sweet potatoes are only purple on the outside?  I had thoughts of buying one to zoodle, but remembered I already have two sweet potatoes I need to use at home – so pretty though!

10.17.17 013

Again, not going to win any food photography awards with my lunch, but it was the last of my chicken tortilla soup, and it was so thick that I served it over 1/2 cup cooked pasta.  Lunch came in at 8 points.

10.17.17 016

Usually the first 30 minutes of my train ride home I check up on social media.  I had to laugh that Pinterest found boards regarding Relationship goals and beef stew – huh.  Pretty sure I’ve only pinned food! šŸ˜€

10.17.17 018

I am getting down to the last few months of my lease on my Nissan Juke.  It is way more care than I ever would need – too much technology in that car – do I really need my car to read my Facebook comments to me?!  But I do like that when I listen to my blue tooth, it shows “My Bizzy Kitchen.”  I had to label my phone so that I can use my hot spot on the train, and there are about 50 people that just left “iPhone” (like me!) and it was impossible to locate my wifi.

10.17.17 023

I thawed some turkey sausage for dinner and wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to do with it, but with it being National Pasta Day, that’s what I made.  I told Hannah and Jacob that I was going to be using whipped cream cheese in my sauce, and they both gave that idea a thumbs down, so Hannah got to work on their sauce, that began with just a few onions.  #ew

10.17.17 029

While my dish came in at 14 smart points, totally worth it.  I need to make another batch of my zero point marinara sauce, because 1/2 a cup of most jarred sauces are 3 points each.

I cooked 2 ounces of penne pasta, and while that cooked, sliced the turkey sausage into rounds and Pam fried them in a smaller skillet.  Once the pasta was ready to be drained, (save 1/2 cup of the pasta water) I added 1.5 cups of baby spinach to the sausage, 1/2 cup jarred sauce, a tablespoon of Weight Watchers reduced fat cream cheese and stirred that until the spinach started to wilt and the cream cheese melted.  I added 1 cup of the cooked pasta, stirred until combined and then topped it with Trader Joe’s light mozzarella.  Literally ready in 15 minutes.

creamy pasta with spinach and sausage

Inquiring minds may want to know where we stand on Dog #3 – below is where the poll stood as of 7:30 –  53 yes, and 20 no.  I am leaning more to the no now – which I can do when I don’t see that cute dogs face!   The kadults didn’t mention it yesterday, so that makes me think they changed their mind – we’ll see!  I could come home today and meet Roanoke – yes, if they got the dog, that would be its name. 

10.17.17 027

With my walk at lunch and walking to and from the train and busy at work (thanks to one boss being up one floor – lots of stairs!) I had 14,500 steps yesterday.  But I really need to get back to the gym – its been too long, and I’ve gotten into the habit of watching t.v. at night again, something I usually saved for the weekend.  Not sure if its because its dark out when I get home, I just want to get into my jammies and relax on my couch.  

I am excited for this weekend though, I’ll be walking with Weight Watchers and the American Cancer Society for Project L.I.F.T. and Making Strides Against Breast Cancer.   My initial goal was to raise $100, but now I am up to $130, so I’d like to hit $200 by Saturday.  You can check out my donation page here.  Also excited to meet a local WW Ambassador Liz, who just ran her second marathon and beat her time by 45 minutes from her first one!  Ahem, I’ll be walking this 5k though šŸ˜€

Happy hump day – make it a great day!